Mar 25, 2008

Starting our first blog

I will first explain the title of our dear blog. I thought of doing "Smith Party of 5" or possibly "6," but our number is ever increasing. It's best not to pick a number for a while.

After seeing so many blogs by people I love, I thought, "Perhaps I should start one. Hop on the bandwagon. Give into peer pressure." So, here I am, writing a blog. My dearest friend, Val, was the greatest influence. I need to give her credit here. Her blogs are very entertaining and fun. Not to mention pretty!! Which is the most important aspect of blogging, in my opinion.

Now for an update on our dear fam! Duncan(3 1/2) and Liam(2) have rediscovered the outdoors since the weather has warmed up here. Liam especially likes to spend many an hour outside playing. They like to shout at the neighbor girls and call them crazy. We have had to calm them down a bit, haha. Today was especially intense. They discovered a yellow spider on the fence. Duncan couldn't handle the fear and ran away, but Liam took care of the spider. Duncan came in and relayed the events to me: "Liam scooped up the dirt and just threw it at him, lots and lots until it killed him! We killed the spider!!" Liam is the superhero of the day, obviously. He takes good care of our dear Duncan.

Sweet little Goo, as we affectionately call her(also known as Gwendolyn, Gwendie, or Gwendie Goo), will be turning 1 on the 30th of this month. She is our lazy little princess. She hasn't figured out crawling, or pulling herself up to stand or walking. It makes it easier to keep her out of stuff when she just sits and bounces all day long. She has taken a special liking to two shows: "Dora the Explorer"(which I loathe) and "Ni-Hao Kailan." She has little sitting dances she does to the music and spends the episodes doing that or answering "Ba" to ever question and pointing at the screen when asked to show them where something is. It is actually very entertaining to watch her watch the shows, haha.

Mark is working fulltime at JCPenney Distribution as a supervisor and spends his weekends working at the Berg mortuary for his apprenticeship. He thoroughly enjoys the apprenticeship. We recently celebrated his birthday. We invited a friend of his over with his wife and opened presents and had the best cake. Not only was it the best because I made it, but it was the best because it is a very tasty recipe. The ingredients include: chocolate cake mix, marshmallows, cherry pie filling, cherry jello mix, and chocolate frosting. Let me know if you want to know how it all comes together in deliciousness.

I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby number 4! We are finding out what we are having on the 10th of April. I am getting more and more excited for the baby, especially now that I have been feeling the baby move for a bit now. The beginning of the pregnancy was not the easiest. It started out with the flu, then onto oral surgery to get implants for my front teeth, then onto lots of nausea. The nausea continued for a while and Mark left for California for a few weeks, which, I must say is one of the most difficult things I have had to deal with. Being pregnant and taking care of 3 kids by myself for nearly a month's time is not easy. Good news is, I am still alive!! Yay! We had a very fun Easter. The kids looked adorable(pictures to come soon). We went to church and came home and had a little Easter egg hunt followed by egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Duncan was able to tell what he learned in primary. He said, "We talked about turtles and frogs and cats and dragons and dinosaurs. And we learned about Jesus. He just died and then he just came alive again and again!" He was very cute about the whole description. Anywho, this is all for now.