Apr 28, 2009

A bit of sunshine on a rainy day...

(Long, but worth the read, at least I think so)
On Saturday night I was discussing with my husband my lack of desire to go to church. Mark can only go with me every other Sunday and he needs the car on the days he works. I am left with the stroller to walk, which isn't so bad on a nice day. I always feel so stressed out about going to church. So stressed that I haven't been for about 5 weeks. Grant it, there was sick kids and General Conference mixed in there. The whole idea of having to walk to church in cold, wet, or snow just really didn't help. Normally when I go to church I have a hard time finding a seat. I especially have a hard time finding a bench seat and a bench seat that isn't in the very front. Those of you with young children know how horrible and difficult the front row is. Gwenie repeatedly runs off and the boys feel the floor in front of the bench is their playroom. All this going on while I am trying to keep Rosaline from falling off the bench. I never get any offers of help when I am on my own and several times have been shushed and given angry/irritated looks by people. I really do the best I can in my situation. Even when I was 9 months pregnant and had just walked to church with three children in 95+ degree weather, I rarely even received acknowledgement of my existence. I kept going though, no matter what. Well, until 5 weeks ago. Something always goes wrong before church and it does shake my desire to go.
Saturday night and Sunday morning when I prayed I told the Lord that if he could just help me by making things easier, making things go smoothly and on time, then I would really put forth a great effort. Things were going really well. I got up early and showered, had the kids clothes ready. I was able to bathe and dress them all quickly and easily. They were all very helpful and obedient. I was feeling really good. Mark had even remembered to leave me the stroller.
I got all the kids together, diaper bag ready and we were going to load up. It had been raining earlier and that had slowed to just a mist. I get out there and realize the stroller is soaked to the bone.
I called Mark to make him feel guilty and resigned myself to walking to church carrying Rosaline and the diaper bag in the rain. We were walking and got to the end of the parking lot when my neighbors(Ashley and Daniel) and their three kids in their mini van reversed and offered us a ride. I really just had to accept the help. I was wearing heals and Rozzy is a chubby little thing. I was embarrassed but truly grateful. First sign from the Lord.
Then I find a seat...the FRONT row. I was grateful for a bench seat and was having high hopes because my children had been so well behaved all day. I spoke too soon. The kids were up to their trickery!! Gwenie kept running off, the boys were playing so noisily and taking up the entire floor in front of us. I was feeling so embarrassed, having to get Gwenie 4 times from the stands as she shouted, "I see you Mommy!!" My boys would just not listen to me. It all seemed quite hopeless...until a single middle aged woman named Janet came and sat with us. She immediately started to entertain Liam and Gwenie. She even distracted Duncan for a time. She sat with me and my kids the whole time! She said that she will watch for me every Sunday to see if I need help, after I told her my situation.
Then as I was leaving for Sunday school one of the members of the bishopric(father of 7) came up to me and told me not to worry or stress about my kids bothering everyone. He said that I was doing a great job and that I was brave to handle them all by myself.
Then my visiting teaching companion came up to me and offered to take the boys to primary. Then Gwenie ran off and was no where to be found. I think she tried to follow the boys. I was looking all over the building then a guy in my ward(Jacob Hamberlin) helped me locate her. I dropped her off at nursery and headed to Sunday school.
Rosaline fell asleep on the floor in Sunday school(which is in the Relief Society room). That certainly made things easy.
Then Relief Society was starting. Normally I don't really have anyone who sits with me. No one ever really has(except for Mary Heaton who got moved to another ward). I have actually just accepted this. Then this new girl in the ward came and sat by me. She was totally friendly and funny. We really hit it off. Our birthdays are one day apart and we have already decided that we should get together for some girl time(which I never have anymore since my friend Clarin moved away).
Church ended and Ashley offered to give me and my children a ride home. She even had a church meeting to go to and her husband went to choir practice. Very nice of them!! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors(who are also willing to put up with my boys when they play outside).
All in all I think the Lord was trying to tell me something. That something was to GO TO CHURCH!! I think I am going to have to become an active member again or something, haha!!

Apr 25, 2009

No, I didn't bleach it...

Rosaline, the first baby I had who wasn't born with red hair. The first baby I had to have dark hair. I was weirded out, but loved the dark hair. Everyone was so surprised. It was such a dark brown color.
I knew it wouldn't last.
Her genes got to her.
Now she blends in with the rest of us. Hello blondie! That totally sounded like some sort of movie trailer. Sweet!!

Apr 23, 2009

A Touch of Sun...

Okay, go ahead and call CPS, I didn't put sunscreen on my kids this week. Yes, the sun has christened their pasty white bodies. But, they loved every minute of it! I had to get pictures of the farmer's tans they have. This is Gwenie's first real experience with the sun. Can't you see the joy on her face?! Last year she wasn't even crawling at this point. Now she is outside everyday.
Seriously, they will look awesome in the summer with bathing suits. People will think they are wearing t-shirts, but they won't even know it's just an illusion!!
Awww! Naked sunburn hugs!
Dude, Liam is ripped! Go Liam!!
Alas, tomorrow will be cloudy and a high of 60. Let us all have a moment of silence for the nice weather that is dying as I type this.

Apr 21, 2009

Parkness to the Extreme!!...

Well, perhaps not quite to the extreme except that we were there for about 3 1/2 hours. It was beautiful weather so we decided to make it our first park day of the year. Hopefully this isn't that last because about this time last year we did this and never did it again the whole year, haha. You can even look at that post about it. It's proof that we didn't do it again. Last year I was pregnant, so that might account for my lack of parkness. Here is a series of pictures from our lovely day. I actually had a ton of fun. I even played soccer and was running all over the place. Reminded me of elementary school, back in the day.

The End.

Apr 17, 2009

Right Up There With Giving Birth and Getting Married...

TravisI have loved this band since I heard them on a BBC show called, "Top of the Pops." I looked for their albums everywhere and it took me about two years before I finally found one at Media Play, The Man Who. I had just been dumped. I was sad and depressed. Now, I normally don't get emotionally attached to bands I like, but this one was different. I really got attached. This was the transition from Logan to Mark. If you read this Logan, I mean no offense, but there was a song that I dedicated to him called, "Driftwood." The love/obsession for this band just continued from then on.

Travis is not as famous as Coldplay or Snow Patrol, but it has been said that they paved the way for those bands and ones like them. They have amazing lyrics to their songs and Francis Healy(the lead singer) writes nearly all of them. His song writing abilities have been compared to Paul McCartney. In other words, really good lyrics!!

I was driving to an appointment a few weeks ago and the radio was on. I rarely listen to the radio, but I hate silence and I was all alone. They announced that the Scottish indie rock band was coming to Utah on April 14. I totally screamed really loud in the car. I never thought that they would ever come anywhere near where I lived. I went home later and pressed the immense importance of going to this concert, regardless of the price. Luckily they weren't expensive tickets by any means.

They performed at a private club. It was actually a really nice smoke-free place. It was small, so it was easy to see them. My pictures make it look like I was farther away, but I wasn't. My eyes can apparently see closer than my camera can zoom. Lame!

All I can say about this picture is, should have brought my wheelchair!! As soon as they came out I screamed like a teeny bopper at an NSYNC concert. I was so excited! You really have no idea how excited I was. There really is no way to quite explain it.Fran Healy(the one in the hat) got out in the audience and sang a song and even danced with someone while he sang it. I am lame and getting older(mother of four and all), so I didn't stand in the very front. I missed out on the best dance of my life!! Sorry Mark.

They were really down to earth, funny and entertaining. Britney Spears was performing across the street at that time. Fran Healy said, "I know you guys are only here because you couldn't get into Britney!" Then he decided to do his own rendition of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." It actually made me like the song! Haha!!
They were fun and slightly crazy at times. It was all very entertaining. I loved every minute of it!

At the end they turned off and unplugged everything and got all of us really quiet and sang one of my favorite songs(I videoed this) called, "Flowers in the Window." A fantastic finish to a fantastic night! I will definitely go the next time they come. I took some videos and lots of pictures. I wish I could replay it in my mind in perfect detail!

You can check them out on their website: http://www.travisonline.com/ . They also have a myspace page and lots of videos on http://www.youtube.com/ . You can even watch him do "Hit Me Baby, One More Time."

PS-A fabulous band called The Republic Tigers opened for them. They were really good as well, so you should check them out too!!

Apr 15, 2009

My Day Off!...

On Monday Mark got off of work early, took the boys, picked up his son Burton and went fishing. I was left with the two girls for about 7 hours. No boys! Mark took the camera with him to get pictures, so I didn't get any pictures of me sitting on my butt watching Hotel Inspector on BBC America, Gwenie shoveling her face full of candy, and Rozzy sleeping probably 3 1/2 hours out of the 7. Oh, and I didn't even get a picture of the fire right across the street! I think someone was trying to do a controlled fire in the field behind the contruction across the street. It seemed like the fire was spreading too close to the streets and construction. Then suddenly I heard sirens and saw firetrucks putting out the fire. It was very exciting. Gwenie and I had egg salad sandwiches. Also known as Eggies. We said goodbye to a couple of our dyed eggs. Gwenie kissed them farewell. I put her down for a nap after some candy time. Then Rozzy fell asleep on my bed and I took a shower. I got out and it was so quiet! It was very quiet without the boys anyway, since they are the main noise makers in the house. But there was no one to bother me or prevent me from getting stuff done. I got so much done in about an hour and a half. The boys later came home and we had leftovers for dinner. It was all so fabulous. A dream come true!! Here are the pictures from the boys' trip.

Apr 14, 2009

Weird that this post should have Easter in the title...

Easter started out lovely, had a rough middle, but finished off wonderfully. I prepared all of the food ahead of time. I made my cake, prepped my ham and potatoes all before we got ready for church. While I was doing that, my kids were getting along, but trashing the house. I couldn't find Gwendolyn's sweater anywhere. My house is clean and I have yet to find that stupid, stupid sweater! We invited Geoff and Jessie over for dinner. They brought salad and I handled the rest of the food. I had been gradually buying the Easter candy whenever I would do my two-week shopping and when I came home I would put what I bought in different places each time. I didn't know how much I had bought until I thought that I should round it all up. Well, it was a ton. Duncan couldn't even lift the bag because it was so heavy. Needless to say, I put together some Easter candy bags for Geoff and Jessie to take home. I didn't have to explain anything to the kids because they don't believe in the Easter Bunny. I was never taught to believe in him. Frankly, I think it would be creepy and scary if some giant rabbit broke into my house to give candy(who knows how safe and/or sanitary) to my children. The lovely table settings.

Geoff and Jessie's personal, child free table.

My very first ham. Yay me!

Funeral Potatoes(cheesy potatoes)

Tasty and pretty lemon cake.

After the hunt.

Rozzy and Geoff.

Liam's haul.

Duncan's load.

Gwenie's stash.

After our little Easter egg hunt in the backyard I decided to take some pictures of the kids. Well, I got some good pictures. We may have to try again next Sunday.



Gwendolyn(the best I got of her, 2yr.-olds don't hold still)

Rosaline(actually not sucking both her lips in in this picture.)

Brothers! 1

Brothers 2

Sisters 1(see what I mean with the lips)

Sisters 2

The kids 1

The kids 2

The kids 3

It was really hard to get them all to look at me, smile and sit still.

All in all is was a good day and turned out really well in the end. We enjoyed Geoff and Jessie's company as usual and Rozzy got all tuckered out.

Geoff changed her and put a size 5 on her. I love how it's down to her knees!!

PS-I will be posting my recipes on mine and Val's recipe blog pretty soon.