Jan 20, 2009

New Year's Resolutions?

Around this time of year there are so many New Year's resolutions. The biggest trend is weight loss, of course. Oprah is really kick starting that whole thing. Many that we hear are: to blog more, shop less, get projects finished, eat less chocolate, drink less soda, spend more time with the kids, etc... The list goes on. I thought to myself, this could be a good thing, I should make some resolutions of my own! I have only made one and that was about 12 years ago or so, it was to not drink caffeinated sodas anymore. I thought I would go with something a little easier, but good for the body and the soul. I never really liked caffeine anyway, so this was easy to do. My advice is to make them easier. Then you aren't sitting there in June crying over your third bowl of ice cream because you were sad about not losing that 30lbs. I make my resolutions so easy that I don't even have to stress or worry much. My last drink was 12 years ago! Yay me!
Now onto my current resolutions. I will do my best to not give birth or be pregnant at all this whole year. I haven't done this yet since I got married, so it's going to be tough. I know I said go easy with your resolutions, but I just have to do this one for the sake of the economy and my sanity. I won't be able to claim another child on our tax return next year, you know that's part of the fun of this whole thing. Dang! Maybe I will have to revise that one... No, no. I am learning that I have a real addiction here. I really should go to rehab. I will add that to my resolutions. Go to the same rehab that Lindsey Lohan went to so that I won't have to be too far from home.
I will eat about the same as I did last year, so as to not gain weight the entire year! The plan to not give birth or be pregnant this year will really help this whole thing out. Luckily, I don't gain weight from having babies, I stored it up in my high school years so that I didn't have to worry about doing it in my adult years.
I will do my best to keep my two front teeth this whole year. I didn't have them for about a year and a half, so hopefully I am not doomed to be toothless for more than that.
My next resolution is to get either Liam or Gwenie potty trained by the end of the year. I know this isn't great for the economy, but it would be great for the environment. That's right people, I'm going green!! I really think we should make a bet out of this. Not that I should bet, being LDS and all, but maybe it's okay because it's for a good cause. So, I am betting 2 packs of undies on Gwenie. I think you guys should really start placing your bets now. This resolution will be easy I think, at least getting Gwenie potty trained. Liam doesn't even know what he's done in his diaper and when.
If I can think of anymore I will let you know. These are my New Year's resolutions. Remember, everyone, as you think of your resolutions, make them easy. If you rarely shower, then make your resolution to wear deodorant. Then next year you can move up to showering once a week, etc... In fact, I am thinking that I am thinking to big with trying to get Liam potty trained. I really think I should do baby steps. I will have to create a game, "Stinky Diaper, What's Inside?" Then we can work on getting him potty trained before he starts school. And if that doesn't work I will have to thik about more long term goals. I will keep you updated on mine, but share some of yours with me. I can offer some advice if you are aiming too high. Remember, baby steps.

Jan 10, 2009

Belated Christmasness...

After my email inbox practically shut down because of all the emails I was receiving from all of my fans complaining and begging me to update, I finally gave in. There were hundreds, no thousands of emails from all of my wonderful readers/fans of my blog. I am sorry that I left you hanging for nearly a month. It has been a busy one.

Every year we have been blessed to be able to spend Christmas in Colorado. That is something that I am incredibly grateful for. One thing I am not grateful for is that Utah doesn't get any snow, then is dumped upon every year on the day we are leaving for Colorado.

Up until Christmas I am cleaning, baking, sewing(by hand) and packing up until the very moment we leave. The Monday before Christmas I had an appointment to get my two front teeth for Christmas(finally, will blog about that later). I got the kids ready, dropped them off at my neighbor's (Ashley) house(thank you again for watching them!), then I headed off to the dentist in the snow storm. I was about 8 minutes late, but they were running about an hour behind. My appointment was at noon, I didn't get in until 1 and didn't get home until 2. Mark didn't get off of work early and the blizzard was very intense. We did not leave the house until 8pm!! We decided to drive throught Wyoming instead of going through the Rocky Mountains because the storm was just going to hang out over I-70 the entire time. Wyoming is more interesting to drive through than Utah, so it wasn't too bad.

We arrived at my Grandfather's house at 6:30 am. We got unpacked a bit and took a little nap around 8am. Then my sister called at 9am to let me know that we had a hair appointment with my sister in law Holly at 11am. Not too bad except I was in Lakewood and wasn't ready and she is all the way up in Erie. I was about 20min. from my parents' house and they were about 40mins. from Holly's salon. I arrived at my Mom's just in time. We left late, then ran into some difficulties(which I won't go into so that my mom and sister won't get mad at me, haha.). We ended up getting there at 12:15pm. Sorry Holly! I got my hair cut and colored(will post pictures later). It took forever. I always forget how long my hair takes and how difficult it is to work through. It will literally eat combs and brushes(right Holly?).

Moving right along now. My dad had to go back to the hospital on Friday or Saturday before Christmas because he got a cold and a bit of pnuemonia. Luckily they were able to release him at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was spent at Papa's house. Holly's blog can tell you all about that. I spent the earlier part of that day shopping for food, cooking, and wrapping. It all seemed to never end. We sang, laughed, the kids cried and fought and opened presents.

Christmas morning was intense. We got about 6 hours of sleep before the kids got up. It seemed like we had so much in the way of presents, but I forget that we are a family of 6 now and that I started shopping back in September and was done well before Thanksgiving. I didn't spend all that much at once. It's definately good to break it all up.

To me, wrapping is an art that should be taken seriously at all times.

We started off with stockings. Gwendolyn spent the present opening time stealing candy from everyone's stocking and eating it before 10am. We were not pleased with her choice of actions.

Gwendolyn was very excited about her Dora doll and her fairy wings. The two most important things in the world to this girl: Dora and Fairies.

Don't forget, Liam must cry on every joyful occasion, especially ones when he receives presents.

Rosaline enjoyed the screaming and the fighting that came along with present opening. She felt the intensity of the situation.

The most happy and content little girl on Christmas. She was enjoying stealing candy for breakfast the whole morning long. Notice the full mouth.

Awwww! Togetherness. The Yo Gabba Gabba Dance Mat. It brings brothers together.

Eggs or Candy? I'll let you be the judge here. She did eat all of her breakfast, surprisingly.

Liam was also a hungry boy. I think it was all that crying. It just wear a boy out. Works up his appetite.

I don't think Duncan finished his eggs, but my husband did use water and I use milk and he made the eggs. But thank you for making breakfast, Mark!!! I still love you!!
I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did as well. I spent my New Year celebration in the bathroom with the stomach flu. I hope yours was not spent in such a way. I now have a new found appreciation for toilets.
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