Sep 24, 2010

36 weeks along

I am 36 weeks along. We finally ordered the car seat for the baby. I love it! We got a GREAT deal on it. It should arrive Thursday. We got the more expensive one because Graco has changed their cheaper carriers so that you can't adjust them from the front anymore. LAME, but c'est la vie. Now I feel a little more like this baby can come soon, now that we can legally take him home from the hospital if he is born like Tuesday or Wednesday, haha.
I had the joy and pleasure of my Group B strep test at my checkup today. If you all know what I am saying(clears throat). I am only down another 1/2 lb. today from last time. I am dialated to 1 1/2cm. :( , Mark hasn't been an active participant in this process, if you know what I mean, haha. I am 70% effaced and baby is head down, yay!! I told the Dr. that lately my limbs have been getting insanely itchy and she said it could be a gall bladder problem. She said we can't take this lightly and I need to get a blood test done to make sure I'm okay. Ugh! Cross your fingers folks!! I am ready to give this little dude his eviction notice. My Dr. will be out of town by the 13th, but she said if I don't have the baby by the 12th she will induce me so that she can still deliver my baby. She has delivered all of my children so far, so it's only fair to both of us that she should deliver this one.
I am getting excited!! I got some things I will need for the baby and for the hospital stay and for me. It's getting so real! Yay!! This evening I am having a ton of contractions. I am down with it! Let's get this party going!!

Sep 23, 2010

Remembering: Something very entertaining from February

Have you all looked closely at these pictures? Look at Rozzy's legs. Look closer. Notice something a little "off?" It's not lymphodema. That's right, it's a diaper. Rozzy got up one morning and wasn't even bothered in the least by this situation. I just noticed that something didn't look right on her. This is why we must all make sure that diapers are secure before bed.

Sep 14, 2010

34 week checkup

I went to the Dr. yesterday and got in and out of there amazingly fast. I have had a stomach bug for about a week now and the results were that I have lost another 4lbs. I have been so worried about what this could be doing to my baby, so I asked the wise Dr. for her thoughts. She told me at this point the weight loss is affecting me more than anyone. She said that at this point in the pregnancy it has little to no affect on the baby. What a relief!!! Now I can stop stressing and worrying so much about it. I am sure I have been driving Mark nuts with it, haha.
An update on my fall: A little while back I talked to my Dr. about it. I told her what I did and the pain I was feeling. She told me that I tore the ligaments that support my uterus. Lovely!! Something like this was bound to happen with this pregnancy, haha. I was actually glad to know what I had done. She told me it would gradually get more painful as I get closer to delivery. Which it has, haha. But, she said that it would not cause me extra pain during labor and delivery. The greatest pain I will feel will be the 6-8 weeks after when it finally has a chance to heal. I can deal with this. I have torn the cartilage in my pubic bone with Gwendolyn, so what's a couple of torn ligaments? Haha.
I scheduled all my last appointments. They seem to be coming so quickly. I am excited and anxious to meet my baby.

Sep 13, 2010

I am trying to come back

I loaded pictures onto my computer, which I haven't done, apparently, since January 21st. Has it really been that long? Now the whole picture loading thing is not on my side, but I am trying. I will do it the old fashioned way, I guess.
So far the pregnancy is going by quickly on some days, and not so quickly on other days. I am dealing with the gestational diabetes the best way I know how. The nurse I see at the hospital says that I am doing really well. She would like me to consume more calories. My Dr. is concerned that I am regularly losing weight, especially at this stage in the pregnancy. I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight. My face is looking thinner, my chest is fading away(sniff sniff), my bum is even less existent than it was before. The big concern here is that this could affect the neurological development of the baby. I am doing my best. I never thought it would be so hard to eat 6 times a day and try to get enough calories in my day. Obviously, this was never a problem before, haha. But, this has been a big struggle, not the being good part, but the getting everything I need for the baby part. I worry daily about him because I don't want to do anything that could possibly hurt him. Needless to say, I look forward to seeing him in person and knowing if all is well.
We are getting excited to have this baby. There is a lot to do still and stuff to buy. We need to buy a new car seat, this time around. Our old one expired last year. I need to buy a few clothes and onesies, after vomiting Liam being my last baby boy who used these clothes. Mark is in the process of sanding and painting our crib. Rozzy's shoes did a number on it, so he is using wood filler, sanding and paint to make it look all pretty again. I will take pictures, of course.
Duncan is in first grade now and doing well. He insists on riding his bike on most days, but he is too slow about getting ready in the morning and I just end up driving him. I can do this now that we have 2 CARS!!! That's right. We got a great deal from the parents of someone Mark works with at the mortuary. They sold us a car for $200 and it is in amazing shape. It has less mileage than our van. Now I get to do shopping during the day and other such things, like buying shoes and beads to make jewelry.
Rozzy turned 2 last month and I did take pictures. I even have pictures from Duncan's and Gwenie's b-days! Haha! So, more of all that later. I hope everyone is well! I haven't been on the computer much this summer, but I am starting to get back on here more.