Dec 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Liam...

Oh Liam, Liam, Liam. Finally out of the terrible twos. Seemed like an eternity, but here you are, three years old now. You still scream like a banshee when things don't go your way. I still can't leave you alone in any part of the house for fear of what you might be doing. You are very fit and healthy, but seem to have a seemingly unhealthy addiction to food, especially all things sweet. You cry over spilt milk, harder than any other child I know. You refuse to potty train and tell me you like sitting in your "poops." You have a weird little demon voice that you often use to tell me you love me. You have a strange accent that isn't even close to the Spanish Fork accent you are surrounded by. You pronounce open like "oopen." You think you're Italian and add an extra ending to most words: "agee-en-a"(again). Your physical affection is an odd sort, making your sisters scream and cry when you hug them. Putting your arms around Gwenie, even though she is slapping you in the face. You are the loudest in the house, but plug your ears and scream when you think something is "too loud," which seems to be every noise but your own. You are still willing to eat food off of the floor, even if it was stepped on. You don't mind food from the trash. You make me want to scream and pull my hair out at times. You are the weirdest, oddest, and loudest little boy I could have ever had, but I wouldn't change a single thing. You vomited on me alot when you were first born and cried most of the time due to your discomfort, but you endured it like a champ. You are so smiley, and the most cuddley child ever. It's hard to believe you were born only 7lbs. 5 0z. and puked your way down to 6lbs. even. I can't believe I almost lost you at one point. due to your jaundice and difficulty keeping food down. Even with all the puking you managed to become my chubbiest baby ever. You knew you loved food. You are the most accident prone child, but I love that I can still always make it better. You make me laugh all the time. You have puppy dog eyes that I can't resist. You are so content playing by yourself. You love to help me with dinner and I love that. Even though you refuse to eat it once it's made. I love that you will play with anything and aren't particular about toys. I love that when I tell Duncan to say sorry for hitting you that you are the first one to say sorry to him even though you didn't do anything. You have such a sweet heart and a kind spirit. You are my Christmas baby. You love candy and "Ho Ho." This is your time of year! I love you(even if the terrible twos last a while longer)!! Happy Birthday!!
PS-Please use the toilet. I can't handle three kids in diapers much longer.

Gwendolyn thinks all babies are hers.
We saw Happy Feet last year and we decided that it is about Liam. We used to call him Mumble because he seriously danced like a penguin.

Rozzy enjoying the birthday festivities.
Gwenie likes frosting.
And Liam hates the Happy Birthday song.