May 17, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Sundays are hit and miss with me.  Sometimes I am totally cheerful and everything goes smoothly, other times I am crabby and nothing seems to go right.  Mark has been so good to me with my hormonal pregnancy crabbiness.  This Sunday was a "crabby nothing going right Sunday."  I feel somehow that my bad attitude just makes bad things happen.  I felt like I was saying a pray to myself about every 5 minutes, asking the Lord to soften my heart, help me feel the spirit, help me be calm and patient, help me not to sweat like I'm in a sauna, open my heart and mind to good things, etc...  Yesterday seemed particularly difficult. 
It's not like it was horrible, but I just had a bad attitude that I couldn't seem to shake.  After the sacrament I took the girls to the bathroom with me so that Gwenie and I could use the potty.  We went into the handicap stall so that we would all fit and be able to go.  First Gwenie went.  Then it was my turn.  I finished and as I went to pull up my underwear, my dear sweet little girls unlocked and open the stall for all to see my nakedness.  I repeatedly told her to close the stall and I ran to the corner to hide myself as I finished dressing myself.  The greatest horror was all of the mirrors in the bathroom and all the people I could see in them.
I went to wash my hands and all of he soap dispensers were out of soap.  This bathroom trip just seemed to get longer and longer.  I gave up and decided to use my hand sanitizer instead.  I couldn't even look at anyone as I left the bathroom.  I couldn't even look up at most people in relief society, I knew who was in the bathroom and who saw me and my nakedness.
Today, today I can laugh this off.  But yesterday it just pushed me over the edge.  I have always been really good at laughing things off in life, in general., but I just couldn't with that.  I think my lesson that the Lord was trying to teach me was to laugh things off again.  I need to change my attitude and this whole nakedness in front of my fellow ward members is something I was meant to laugh at.  So today, I laugh at it.  Ha ha.  Perhaps the next time something like this happens again I will laugh harder.  Thank you girls. Thank you Ashley for making light of it so that I could laugh at it a bit!!

May 3, 2010

The Experiences Brothers Get When They Have Sisters

The other night we were about to start a movie for family night, Duncan and Liam started this interesting conversation:
Liam:  Sometimes I dress up as a princess.  It makes me feel weird, though.
Duncan:  Yeah, I dress up as a princess because that's what Gwenie wants me to do.  It makes me feel weird too, but I get used to it.
Liam: Yeah.
Well, I think I need to get the boys some boy dress-ups of their own.  Hopefully they won't get too used to dressing up like princesses in the meantime.