Aug 30, 2008

A Questionable Show...

We as parents often turn on preschool shows for our children to entertain them. We don't always think of the content because it is specifically for preschoolers and there is nothing questionable about the content. When we sit down and watch some of these shows with our children we realize how incredibly weird and creepy some of these shows are. I used to think The Wiggles was a creepy show, but it grew on me, mostly because of the appreciation my children had for it. Dora and Diego are incredibly annoying, but again, the kids are cute when they watch it, so I give in. Then we get a little fun with a dash of "unique" with the Backyardigans. Still not so bad. Many people may hate Yo Gabba Gabba or think it is a little too off the wall for them, but that grew on me as well. Dance DJ Lance, Dance!!
Anyway, we all know about how weird and annoying Barney was when we were younger, watching our younger siblings sit through that torturing song. Then we are babysitting and we learn of the frighteningly disturbing show the Teletubbies. You saw that and thought, "Dang, it is always time for tubbie bye bye." This show goes along the same creep factor lines as the Doodlebops on Playhouse Disney for me. I get the willies from that one. We may not like these shows, but they are clean shows and have nothing that you need to worry about your child seeing. There is one show that, although the content is clean, is a bad influence on children. This show tricks you with its cute storylines and soothing music. How could it possibly be bad? This show is...Little Bear. Yes, that is the show, people. I never understood why that bear was always naked, yet his parents and grandparents were always fully clothed from head to toe. Why was it okay for Little Bear to be naked in the family picture? Why did all of the other bears have to put on coats and hats in the winter to go outside, but Little Bear is only in a scarf? Why are almost all of Little Bear's friends in the nude? I have the answer to these questions, my friends! This show is trying to ruin this generation! They are trying to teach them that nude is okay! There are situations in which it would be okay for Little Bear to be nude, such as: taking a bath, changing his underwear(which he obviously isn't wearing!), showering, etc... The situtaions in this show in which Little Bear is naked do not include what I have previously listed. I would understand if he wanted to go around shirtless in the summer when he's playing in the water, or sleeping in his underwear (which is doesn't ever wear!)at night, but he doesn't.

Why does this upset me? Well, my good people, it upsets me because it influences my children and yours to go around naked! Perhaps you think, "Well, my children aren't going around naked." Well, perhaps your children don't watch this show. Maybe there are some of you who think, "My child watches this and they are still not going around naked." I say to you, give it time, it will happen! If you really want to save your children you will not give it time and stop this insanity. My son, Liam, often enjoys being in the nude, just as this Little Bear. He wants to play naked, go outside naked, give naked hugs, shake his tushy. My little girl cries when I put on her diaper and her favorite word is "naked." Why? Because of Little Bear! Stop the insanity, people! Let us write to these people in Canada(where naked and nude are apparently all the fashion!) who make this show and tell them we will not watch Little Bear until he wears at least a pair of pants!!

Aug 21, 2008

A Baby Story(cue theme music)/Spotlight on Rosaline...

I know you all have been checking your computers everyday for this particular post. It's okay, you can breathe. This is it! Are you ready?!
This all started early Friday morning. I was having some painful contractions, but they were really far apart. I had also previously had painful contractions that would subside within 12 hours or so. I really didn't think this was it. Plus, I was only 38 weeks along and never thought that I would be in labor this early. The whole week I had felt impressed to get the things done for me to leave and have the baby before the weekend came. That's what I did. Anywho, back to Friday morning. I called my dearest friend Val and talked to her about my contractions and she said to call the Dr. or go to the hospital, as they were now 5 minutes or less apart. I also called Mark to get some input. He didn't think too much of it because we had been through this whole painful contraction thing just the Saturday before.
Our plan for the day was that Mark would get off of work at around noon and we would have a babysitter watch the kids while we went to get all the grocery shopping done for the next two weeks. Earlier that morning Mark had told me to pack a bag, just in case. I didn't. I was in denial. I got a babysitter and started getting ready to go out. As I was straightening my hair my contractions became more painful and closer together. Mark came home and saw me hunched over the sink dealing with a contraction. He asked me how far apart they were. I had no idea. So, we came up with this great experiment to try out, it was called "timing the contractions." We started timing them and realized that they were a minute and a ten sec. to a minute thirty apart. He said to go pack my bag. I said, "Let's get the shopping done and then we can go to the hospital. I don't want to get sent home." As I was getting dressed they became more painful and strong. Then I decided, well, let's just go to Target, then to the hospital. It seemed at this point like they were getting closer together. I then decided to call my mom. She said, "Danielle, call your doctor. Danielle, go to the hospital, you are having this baby today."
I was still in denial so I started packing my bag, still planning on going to Target. Hopefully the walking around would make me dilate more, then I really wouldn't be sent home. As I was packing they got even closer and even more painful. They were less than a minute apart. Things were getting too uncomfortable and I was having contractions every few steps I would take. I decided it wouldn't be so easy to shop at Target in this state. I finally told Mark that we could go straight to the hospital.
We got to the hospital. I actually had to ride in the wheelchair up to labor and delivery. These were some good contractions! I get checked and I am 6cm and 80% effaced. I was staying. Thank goodness!! This was at about 2:30pm-3pm. By 5pm I was dilated to 7cm. My doctor would have come at that point to break my water, but she was out of town. They called the on call doctor who did not want to break my water yet. This was especially frustrating because I knew I could have her within the hour if they broke my water. We waited and waited. About 7pm the on call doctor said that he sent a resident to come and break my water and that he would be there within an hour and a half. We waited and waited until 9pm. He never showed.
Luckily, our nurse came in and told us that my doctor had just gotten back in town and would put her kids to bed then come on over to break my water and deliver my baby(she knew it would happen very soon). She got there just after 10:30 and broke my water. I dilated to an 8, then 9, then I was ready to go! I pushed five times, about 2-3 minutes of pushing and this girl was out by 11:20pm!!! Yay! That's my story!! I know you loved it!

Spotlight on Rosaline...

Name: Rosaline Olivia Smith Birth date: August 15, 2008

Weight at Birth: 7lbs. 1oz. Height at birth: 18 1/2in.

Age: 6days Eye color: gray Hair color: dark brown

Something about her: Rosaline is a very sweet and calm baby. She rarely goes into a full out cry. She brings a sweet spirit to our home. Her siblings absolutely adore her. They have already given her nicknames. Gwendie calls her "baby." Liam calls her "Baby Rozzy." Duncan calls her "Rozzy." She has an adorable unconscious smile. She is the first of our babies to not be born with red hair(Gwendolyn was born with red hair but it fell out and grew in blond). She has the cutest clubfeet I have ever seen!! We are grateful she is finally here and we love our little girl.

Aug 14, 2008

Spolight on Gwendolyn(aka Gwenie, Gwendie, Gwendie Goo, Goo, Princess, Princessy girl)...

It's spotlight Thursday everyone!! You all know what that means!! Yay! Drinks for everyone! This is our second to last installment, the last being the spotlight on Rosaline! Yay!! She better be here this time next week, or I shall die!
Name: Gwendolyn Elizabeth Smith Birth date: March 30, 2007 Weight at birth: 7lbs.14oz.

Height at birth: 19 1/2in Age: 16mos. Hair color: Blond Eye color: Blue

Favorite color: Pink (b/c her brothers said b/c she is a girl)

Favorite animal: Tiger (white) Favorite food: Any and all fruit(except melons), Cheese, pasta, chicken, turkey sandwiches, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, oreos, eggs
Favorite drink: Milk Favorite candy: Reese's pieces, Swedish fish, starbursts

Favorites toys: Liam's frogs, Dora, doodler, baby, balls, books, spray bottle
Favorite activities: Watching Dora, Drawing(all over everything in the house), looking "pretty," bouncing on the couch, "reading" books, stealing toys from Liam

Favorite books: Goodnight Moon, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
Favorite things to snuggle: Woobie(receiving blanket), baby, tiger

Favorite shows: Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Ni-Hao Kailan, Little Einsteins
Favorite movies: We have yet to discover a fave yet

Fears: Grass, walking, sitting on the Hippo statue at the Denver Zoo

Favorite holiday: any holiday with candy

She is good at: Shaking her tushy, drawing all over the house with washable marker, being "na-ay kid"(naked), stealing toys from Liam, crawling really fast after stealing toys from Liam, singing the "Ni-Nite" song, dancing, not walking, not waking up in the middle of the night, eating

Aug 7, 2008

Spotlight on Liam...

I am doing the "Spotlight a Child" thing again. This is all for you and your entertainment! I hope you all enjoy the second installment.
Name: Liam Jonathan Smith

(one of my favorite pictures because he has always had cute chubby cheeks)

Born: December 5, 2005 Weight at Birth: 7lbs. 5oz. Height at Birth: 19in.
Age: 2 1/2 Hair Color: Mostly red with bits of blond Eye color: green

Favorite color: Blue Favorite animal: Frog(also known as a "ribbit")
Favorite food: All fruit (except cantaloupe), yogurt, string cheese, meat, candy, candy, and more candy, animal crackers, goldfish crackers, oh and candy.
Favorite drink: the "milk" category which seems to include juice and water oddly enough.
Favorite candy: any candy pretty much Favorite toys: toy frogs, any and all frogs that can be played with, golf set, animals, fish with fishing pole, bike, cars

Favorite activities: eating, stealing food to eat, playing outside, playing with frogs, riding his bike, making messes with food, hiding food, watching movies, being naked, getting naked.
Favorite book(s): Cars Favorite things to snuggle: Frogs, "blankies"(yes, more than one, he has a collection)

Favorite shows: Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Little Einsteins, Yo Gabba Gabba

Favorite movies: Ratatouille, Monster House Fears: Absolutely nothing. He is our spider/bug killer. He saves Duncan from many a bug and spider(secret weapon: flip flops)

Favorite Holiday(s): Any and all holidays that involve candy

He is good at: Making messes. Helping pick up. Being good when his brother is not(good balance). Playing with his sister. Eating when he's not supposed to. Stealing and hiding food. Emptying the trash upstairs. Throwing diapers away for Mommy. Singing. Tormenting Gwendolyn with love(she hates it). Telling people he loves them. Giving hugs and kisses. Being naked.

Aug 5, 2008

I Have Done This a Few Times...

I thought, since this is child number 4, that I should show some lovely pictures of pregnant Danielle through the years. We are getting down to the line here, so it's only fitting.
Baby # 1(Duncan)
I am about 37 weeks along. We had just bought our camera. Had to take the "pregnant Danielle" picture to christen the thing. I am not a picture person(obviously).
I was just over 39 weeks along in this picture. This is actually the morning of the day I gave birth to Duncan. I was 21, ah how young I look. My oh my how the years are flying by.
Baby #2 (Liam)
This would be in the wee hours of the morning the day I gave birth to little Liam(about 39 weeks). I was not fully awake when this picture was taken. I am not a morning person in the face, haha. I was 22 this time. If anyone is curious as to what my natural color is, I was au naturale with my first two babies.

Baby #3 (Gwendolyn)

I was only about 20 weeks pregnant in this picture. I was 23 years old with this baby. PS: I seriously just noticed the ghost orb flying around my belly in this picture. My house is officially haunted!!! I need to send this to Ghost Hunters now!

I was 33 weeks along with Gwendolyn in this picture.

Baby #4 (Rosaline)

This was taken just last night, yes, a different side this pregnancy than the last two(exciting, right?!). Feel lucky people, this is very recent. I think Mark had his finger on the top of the flash(hence the shadow along the top). I am 37 weeks along and I am 25 years old with this baby. I recently got a haircut and highlights. Aren't they lovely!!

That is it for now. I know you all were waiting on pins and needles for this recent picture. I have had requests just flooding in for a pregnant picture of me. Well, not really, but I'll pretend everyone was begging me for one. I won't feel like this was all a waste of time that way, haha.