Mar 26, 2009

Duncan Birthday List...

We got this catalog for cheap gifts in the mail yesterday. Duncan was looking through it quietly by himself. Then suddenly he breaks into a giggle. I see the item and tell him what it is. He in all seriousness said, "I want it for my birthday." He genuinely wants it for his birthday. Here it is: I was going to just copy and paste the picture and description, but apparently they are worried that someone might steal this lovely gift idea and recreate it. You know, since it's what everyone wants in their home. Duncan is hoping that by me posting this on my blog someone will purchase this lovely gift for him. Do I have any takers?!

Mar 23, 2009

Spring, no! Don't leave me! Oh, it's you...Winter!

We had a lovely week of weather last week. Spring was really in the air. It's was in the 60s most of the week and got up to 70 once or twice. The problem was that my children were miserable and sick. The boys would play outside only a little. They were not convinced that it wasn't cold anymore. I had bought most of their Spring clothes a while back since I never have any for them when Spring actually comes. They were wearing them everyday. I didn't have to put them in feetie jammies and I didn't have to use the heater at all! Our house stayed at a nice 70. I was so anxious for this time of year. During the Winter my children get cabin fever and trash the house and make me crazy. When they can go outside more my house stays fairly clean(unless I am newly prego). Last week was the beginning of pure bliss! Even Gwenie can play outside because she is actually mobile this year.
Last night it all changed in a flash! My hopes and dreams were dashed in a instant! Winter came back!! It came back with a vengence! The highs all week are supposed to be in the 30s, except for Thursday. Yes, Thursday will have a high of 27 and a low of 6! It is almost April! Not December! That is Christmas caroling weather! On top of that we are supposed to get snow everyday! I have already seen flurries. I may as well put up the Christmas tree and celebrate that all over again! That's it, I can't type this anymore, it's too much to bear! Wo is me!

Mar 6, 2009

Anyway, moving on...

A little while ago we went to the hospital for Rosaline's checkup for her feet. She has been wearing the shoes since October. We drove an hour and waited for 40 mins to see the Dr. for 5 minutes. Which wasn't so bad because we found out that Rosaline has been doing so well that she will only have to wear her shoes when she sleeps!! We were originally told that wouldn't happen until she was a year old or so. We were very surprised and excited. Those shoes weigh about a pound and on a little tiny thing like her it makes a big difference. She was really underweight for a while and we were a little concerned, well the pediatrician was. At 4 months she weighed in at only 11lbs. which put her in the 7th percentile. She was like that pretty much until she got her shoes off.
Rozzy and the fat.
In the last little while since then she has put on nearly 5 lbs. and is too big for the 6 month sizes. Yet another "Yay!" for that. She is now a chubby little chunk and is so happy without her shoes. When babies have to wear these shoes, part of the physical therapy is to encourage them to play with their feet because they won't do it on their own. I would try, but her feet were so heavy with those shoes and the one hour a day she had them off was not enough to make a difference. Now she is playing with her feet all the time! I know it's not that big of a deal to a lot of you, but it is huge for us and this little girl.

Yay for free feet!
Her toes are sideways, she has no arches on her feet, her foot fat is all at the end of her feet(because of the shoes), but the dr. says that should all change and her feet will be more normal as she is learning to do more, crawling, standing, walking, etc... All in all I couldn't be more grateful. She is such a blessing in our lives and incredibly adorable on top of that!

After the hospital we went to the zoo since we drove all that way. We decided to make the most of our trip and Mark's day off(which rarely happens).
Gorilla love!
Rozzy happy without her shoes!!