Nov 19, 2008

Third Folder Tag

This tag requires one to post the third picture of their picture folders for the blog. This first picture is Mark and me when we were engaged. Awwww!! Dang we look skinny and young!
This is Duncan at three months old. He was laying in his bed eating a marshmallow ghost. Awww!Beautiful Liam at three months!! I completely understand why so many people thought he was a girl!
Gwendolyn at 3 months. She really liked television even then.
Little Rosaline at three months. Aww! Yes, she has a faux hawk. It is au naturale!!

I tag you all!! Third picture in folder!!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I LOVE gwendolyn's outfit! :) You children all have the same face, it is so WEIRD! Your kids are gorgeous, but you already knew that!

Heather said...

Where the heck did you get that dark-haired baby? Cute kids! (And Duncan, Liam, Gwendie and Rosaline are cute too!)

Stacy said...

Hi, I am horrible at checking and keeping up on my blog, but you left me a message on mine before your girl had her surgery. My son has club foot too so I am sure we have lots to talk about. I saw her pics and she looks great. Send me an email at because I am way better at checking my email and would love to hear from you :)