Aug 11, 2009

Pools, Playing and Happy Kids

This, like the last blog, is also from the end of May. I set up the pools in the front yard and my neighbor Ashley came out and let her kids join mine in the water fun. It was our first hot hot day. It was about 94 degrees. Her girls were so cute and really got into it and got my kids into it more. They were wimps about getting wet until Krista showed them how to really do it!! Eisley is the one in the swing. Krista is in the fishy bathing suit and Emma is in the flower bathing suit. I love those girls and they are so sweet, funny, cute and my kids love them to death!!


Matt & Crush said...

Adorable little kiddos. Amazing how much fun they can have with water.

Nate and Lori said...

oh my heck, that tiny pool is awesome! I love that three of them are sitting in it! Where'd you get it?