May 5, 2008

Park day!!!


We used to have a park right across the street from our townhomes, but they decided to get rid of that to make way for some stores. I am hearing that Target and Home Depot or Lowe's will be put there, with a Chili's right next to our church building. That will make for a quick and easy way to break the fast on Fast Sundays. Just walk on over to Chili's after church and you won't even have to worry about finding parking at Chili's. Very convenient. Because of all this construction going on and the lack of park, my children have not been to the park since last June. We decided to take a trip over to the park at the library.
We have a teeter totter and a slide in our backyard, but we don't have a swing. As soon as the kids exited the car they went straight for the swings. Gwendolyn had her first official experience in a playground swing. She was very excited and said "wee" the whole time.

After swinging for a long time and me trying to push three different children all at once, I suggested we take a break and try other playground equipment and ingesting food.

But, as you can see, all good things must come to and end, haha. Luckily, Daddy was willing to do some pushing this time. This proved to be much more entertaining for them.
Gwendolyn was very excited one moment and outcold the next. Daddy thought this was incredibly adorable and couldn't resist holding. Especially since she normally will only fall asleep on her own in her own bed.

After our trip to the park, we decided to go for a little drive up Diamond Fork. The kids all fell asleep, so it was a nice time for Mark and I to have a nice little talk. Eventually Duncan woke up followed by Liam. Mark took the two boys out of the car to get a closer look at some deer. This proved to be the most exciting part of the day for Liam. He even decided to let Heavenly Father know about the deer he saw when he was saying his prayers.


Lori said...

Your kids are so very cute. I love that picture of Mark and the two boys at sunset. So sweet. We need to follow your example and have a park day too!

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I am so glad you took my advice! Taking a day off looks like it totally paid off! Everyone looks happy and healthy and well cute! :)