Apr 28, 2008

A little update...

So, as most of you know, my husband works full time and has an apprenticeship at Berg Mortuary on the weekends. That does not leave very much time for us to spend together. I tell him that he is the man that sleeps in my bed. Most of my time spent with him, he is sleeping, haha. I spend everyday, the majority of the day, with just me and the kids. I love them very much and I am incredibly grateful that my husband has chosen to work and do school full time and now his apprenticeship on top of working full time so that I can stay home with the kids and raise them. I have always felt that is best and most important for children. I just wish I could have a break every now and again. Being pregnant with number 4 and trying to do so much gets so wearing. I would love some real quality time with my husband to help us love and appreciate each other more. I would love it if Mother's Day was really a day off!! That would rock. I am definitely looking forward to our trip to Colorado next week!!!

A picture I just had to post, hehe.

Saturday I got to watch my nephew, Caleb, along with all of my kids. He is a very cute boy, but also a very mischievous boy!! Every time I wasn't watching he was into something else, haha. Not to mention he doesn't like to potty at my house to he chose to go in his underwear a couple times, haha. He had a lot of fun with the boys. He and Liam work well together. They get into things and make messes and Duncan tattles on them. I still have a lot of cleaning and picking up to do from that day, but my boys really miss their sweet cousin. So, all in all they had a great day and that is what really matters.

Liam worn out from house trashing with Caleb.

Sunday, Mark was called into the mortuary. I had to get everyone ready and walk to church(which is just down the street a bit) because Mark had to take the car. Church was a bit overwhelming, but there were some nice people who did what they could to help out. I appreciated every little bit of help, even if it was just entertaining the Goo for a bit(who managed successfully to dump Goldfish crackers and little baby puff cereal all over the floor a couple times). It apparently wore her out(not to mention church is during nap time), so when we came home from church, she conked out on the couch within minutes!!

We went to Sheryl's(my sister in law) house for dessert. Gwendolyn decided that she knows how to crawl while she was there. We had a lot of fun with all the family. Lots of arm wrestling and leg wrestling going on between all of them. Erica(my niece) seemed to be the one to beat. Mark almost beat her once, but she decided to cheat that time and use two legs, haha. I thoroughly enjoyed them all entertaining my kids for a while. It was nice not to have to worry.

Well, that is all for now!!

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Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

yeah a new post so cute, your kids! I wish I was there to take away the craziness...or add to it! LOL