Aug 5, 2008

I Have Done This a Few Times...

I thought, since this is child number 4, that I should show some lovely pictures of pregnant Danielle through the years. We are getting down to the line here, so it's only fitting.
Baby # 1(Duncan)
I am about 37 weeks along. We had just bought our camera. Had to take the "pregnant Danielle" picture to christen the thing. I am not a picture person(obviously).
I was just over 39 weeks along in this picture. This is actually the morning of the day I gave birth to Duncan. I was 21, ah how young I look. My oh my how the years are flying by.
Baby #2 (Liam)
This would be in the wee hours of the morning the day I gave birth to little Liam(about 39 weeks). I was not fully awake when this picture was taken. I am not a morning person in the face, haha. I was 22 this time. If anyone is curious as to what my natural color is, I was au naturale with my first two babies.

Baby #3 (Gwendolyn)

I was only about 20 weeks pregnant in this picture. I was 23 years old with this baby. PS: I seriously just noticed the ghost orb flying around my belly in this picture. My house is officially haunted!!! I need to send this to Ghost Hunters now!

I was 33 weeks along with Gwendolyn in this picture.

Baby #4 (Rosaline)

This was taken just last night, yes, a different side this pregnancy than the last two(exciting, right?!). Feel lucky people, this is very recent. I think Mark had his finger on the top of the flash(hence the shadow along the top). I am 37 weeks along and I am 25 years old with this baby. I recently got a haircut and highlights. Aren't they lovely!!

That is it for now. I know you all were waiting on pins and needles for this recent picture. I have had requests just flooding in for a pregnant picture of me. Well, not really, but I'll pretend everyone was begging me for one. I won't feel like this was all a waste of time that way, haha.


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Seriously I am scared for you and your family....Those ghosts can be mean and cause death in some cases. Move to Colorado and live in my basement, I will cook, clean and support you and your family. No one should have to suffer with demons and ghosts in their life. Begone Casper!

Jennie said...

I am so glad to see some pictures of you. Not that your kids aren't cute, but I like to see the parents every once in a while too.

Hannah S said...

Great idea! You are so good about taking photos of yourself. I wasn't. You must enjoy being pregnant :) j/k I do like your new do too.

Anne said...

cute, cute pics! How the years fly being pregnant huh!??! Thanks for sharing :)