Mar 23, 2009

Spring, no! Don't leave me! Oh, it's you...Winter!

We had a lovely week of weather last week. Spring was really in the air. It's was in the 60s most of the week and got up to 70 once or twice. The problem was that my children were miserable and sick. The boys would play outside only a little. They were not convinced that it wasn't cold anymore. I had bought most of their Spring clothes a while back since I never have any for them when Spring actually comes. They were wearing them everyday. I didn't have to put them in feetie jammies and I didn't have to use the heater at all! Our house stayed at a nice 70. I was so anxious for this time of year. During the Winter my children get cabin fever and trash the house and make me crazy. When they can go outside more my house stays fairly clean(unless I am newly prego). Last week was the beginning of pure bliss! Even Gwenie can play outside because she is actually mobile this year.
Last night it all changed in a flash! My hopes and dreams were dashed in a instant! Winter came back!! It came back with a vengence! The highs all week are supposed to be in the 30s, except for Thursday. Yes, Thursday will have a high of 27 and a low of 6! It is almost April! Not December! That is Christmas caroling weather! On top of that we are supposed to get snow everyday! I have already seen flurries. I may as well put up the Christmas tree and celebrate that all over again! That's it, I can't type this anymore, it's too much to bear! Wo is me!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I would send you some of our Colorado weather, but it is going to be cold here too.

Please don't pull out the tree, that is taking matters a little too far! :) Hahaha

Momza said...

HI there,
You'd left a comment on my blog about knowing your folks in Northglenn. I'm sorry, I don't recall their names. Some of the folks I do remember:
Whitneys, Carlsons, Keiths, Schencks, Brothers, Denny's, Dugan's, Waken, Campbell...and a few more.
I'm old, what can I say? I'm doing good to remember my own name!
Thanks for coming over tho...and you sound like you have a very normal household. That's what's so great about blogging mommies--you don't have to look far to see that we're all pretty much the same..just trying to get thru each day as happily as we can! Hang in there!

ANGELA said...

I am not looking forward to the cold either. My kids think they should be wearing shorts and sandals. Is Duncan start kindergarten at Rees next year? We are trying to get a bus to pick up and drop off and if there are more than ten kids the school has to give us one. Let me know if he is and if you even want him to ride the bus.

Ryan and Chrystal said...

Ok, so I HATE to be mean, but that's why I LOVE Colorado. We were "supposed" to get snow, but no deal. It's still pretty nice here. It's also nice to know that my kids aren't the only one's who tear apart the house when they get cabin fever.

Ashley said...

I totally hear ya! At least we do get a couple of nice days to hold us over. Lets just hope it's not like last year when it snowed until the end of May and then went straight to blazing hot Summer!