Jun 10, 2009

I am inappropriate?

If you are reading this you may have noticed that my blog has been "flagged." The content it too inappropriate for people under 18. Yesterday I tried repeatedly to post a blog that had c h u b s and c h u b b i n e s s. The post kept disappearing or posting as html. It was driving me nuts. Then Val got on my blog this morning and saw that it was considered "dirty" or something. I looked up info to see what it could have been. I came to no conclusion until I put my mind in the gutter for a moment. It all came clear to me. It was the word I was using to describe baby fat. It can be construed as something dirty. There you have it, I don't have the dirty mind, blogger does!!


Hannah S said...

weird. can other people flag your blog too? Maybe that weird girl? Do you close comments for certain blog posts?

When are you coming to Denver? I ran into your best friend, itte bitte witte, of couse, I can't remember her name. crazy eh?

Anne said...

HAH! sorry, but thats really funny :)
Silly blogger- I have issues too, but not like that ;)
BTW- I'm going to be in Utah for two weeks!!!