Jun 10, 2009

All About the Rozz(The 382nd attempt at posting this)

(This post is no longer "dirty" I have edited it so that blogger's mind won't go in the gutter again)
These pictures are about a month old, but I had to post them. I just love to marvel at the beauty and fatness of Rosaline(aka Rozzy, Rozz, Rozzy Paws, Bugga Rozz, Princess Rozzy, Rozzywig). I haven't posted much about Rosaline because she hasn't really done much until recently. She is definitely coming into her own. She has such a personality. She loves chewing on wipes and eating food, we can't eat around her without sharing or giving her some of her own. She recently learned to scoot, for food. We laid a trail of Trix along the floor and she would scoot to each one. She loves being held, especially by me. She doesn't laugh when she is tickled, she just acts uncomfortable. She will only laugh if her siblings make her laugh. She loves flapping like a bird, especially when I hold her up in the above my head, shouting, "Fly, Rozzy! Fly!!" She is getting some nice blond hair in and three teeth so far(two have broken through and one is about to). She is soft and chub-by and squishy. She is in size 12-18mos., only about three outfits are 12 months, her length is average, but her belly is not, haha.

She never ends up on the same end of the bed I laid her in.

Happy girl!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her! I think she looks so pretty!!
Whenever I tell her to smile for a picture, this is what she does instead.
I love her squishy face smile!!
Gwendolyn left her sandwich on the floor for about 30 seconds.
The sandwich did have bread on top...
but Rosaline took care of that. Never leave food out around this girl, nothing is safe!
There's a bit of the Rozz!!!


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Matt & Crush said...

So adorable! I love chubby babies!