Feb 1, 2010

It's that time of year...

This is my least favorite time of year, but I have tried to be more positive.  I don't want summer to be here already (in Utah we don't have Spring).  I just don't like the half year of cloudy weather.  And I am still bummed that Christmas is over, even though it's been over for a month.  Today the sun is shining, which is so unlike Utah in February.  I should be grateful for this and soak up all the vitamin D I can.  Instead, I am sitting here, thinking about the chaos that took over my house in the last few days.  Not that anything out of the ordinary happened, just messy kids and that always happens.  I should clean it up, but eh, I don't want to right now. 
I am a little concerned, my funny writing abilities have faded over the last little while.  I have been so out of practice that now I can't even think of funny things.  You all must be so disappointed in me.  Luckily, I can still entertain people in person.
I have really gotten into the show "Ghost Hunters."  I have never really believed in the paranormal, and I still don't, but I LOVE this show.  I watch it every night right before bed and it helps me relax before I go to sleep.  I have always loved spooky things and getting startled.  This show doesn't even do that for me, but I still love it.  I suppose it's the histories of old and sometimes mysterious places.  It could also be the sugar beet factory behind my house.  It looks creepy.  I love that about it.  I think I will invite TAPS(the atlantic paranormal society) aka Ghost Hunters over.  I love telling people, whenever there is a weird sound or something falling or being moved somehow, that it's paranormal.  I know all the technical terms, so I sound pretty awesome.  Better pull out the K2 meter to check the EMF levels and then start an EVP session.  Sounds good right?
This is all so completely random, but there is nothing going on in my life, haha.  What is going on in yours?  No one is blogging or commenting on blogs anymore.  I miss you all.  Come back. 
Rozzy is still half bald and yet somehow people are telling me she has so much hair.  I tell them, "Thanks.  She used to have more until her sister cut half of it off."  Then they say, "Oh, really?  I didn't even notice."  Let's be honest here, people!  She is half bald, quite literally.  She has stubby hair all over that can't be covered or hidden without a hat.  I won't be offended if you shout, "Oh my gosh!  What happened?!  Her hair is hideous!  Please hide her poor horrible head of half hair!" 


Jennie said...

I still can't believe she cut off all that hair!! Poor little Rozzy.

Heather said...

I still think you're funny Danielle! Love you!