Jan 23, 2010

Rule #1: No One is Allowed to Have or GIVE a Kate Gosselin Haircut!!!

It was a lovely afternoon.  I was making some fococcia in the kitchen.  The girls were off playing somewhere. Gwenie came down with makeup all over her face.  I just thought, "Oh man, another mess to clean up."  Then Gwenie came to me and said, "I cut Rozzy's hair, Mommy!"  Me: "What?"  Then I saw Rozzy, walking to me, crying, with chunks of hair falling from her head.  "Gwenie!!!!!  Go to your room!!"  This is the horror that I came across in the moments following(while bawling my eyes out):

Poor, poor Rozzy.  *sniff sniff*

Whatever!  Don't give me that smile!!


Ryan and Chrystal said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously? I would be crying my eyes out too. I've had that happen just not to that extent. The only thing worse would be to find a dead body in that tub.

MJ said...

Oh, HONEY!!! That's TERRIBLE. You can cry, but remember (from someone who had quite a few hair mishaps in my time) hair grows back. I promise.

Hannah S said...

Agh! That is one of my worst fears with Jocelyn and Cecily. Why do girls do this??? I would have cried too.