Apr 21, 2008

So much has happened!!

First of all, congrats to my beautiful sister in law, Lori! She gave birth to her second baby boy, Sawyer, earlier this month! I have seen pictures and he is adorable! I am working on something for her, and haven't finished it, so that's my excuse for not seeing them yet.

Now our family's big big news!! We had our ultrasound on the 10th of this month. We discovered that not only is this baby healthy, but that it is a GIRL!!! Yay!!! We have decided to name her Rosaline Olivia. Duncan is our family psychic and knew that we were pregnant before we did and also knew that we were having another girl before we did. He came to me a little after Thanksgiving and said, "Mommy, you are going to have a baby for Christmas and it's going to be a girl because Gwendolyn needs a sister!" I told him, "Riiiight! Hahahaha!" Well, the day after Christmas I found out that I was pregnant and here we are having a girl as well. I will no longer doubt him, haha.

Utah weather has been driving me nuts. We have hardly had any good warm days this Spring. It makes me jealous of Colorado. They snow one day, then the next it's all warm and happy out. It is cloudy so much here when it isn't Summer, which does not make for a happy Danielle. I seem to thrive on vitamin D from the sun. Despite the lack of sun, my children still manage to stay happy. They just get cabin fever and trash the house. We thoroughly enjoy the sun when it is here!!

Gwendolyn is mobile!!! Yay!! She doesn't crawl or walk, but she has recently taken up scooting. She isn't very fast, but manages to be in a different spot on the living room floor everytime I look. She doesn't leave the room, which makes keeping her out of stuff very easy. Yesterday she committed her first act of naughtiness during mobility. She opened up the TV cabinet and pulled out a bunch of DVDs. It wasn't much, but we are still proud parents!!
Well, I thought more had happened since I last posted. Hahahaha! Perhaps more exciting news to come!! Oh wait!! We found the camera!! Can you tell?! I still want a new one, one of those fancy ones that records sound with the videos! Haha. Yeah, ours doesn't because it was the model right before the model that records sound with the video. It's sad.


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I'd say she has grown a lot of hair since I have last seen her! Finally you post! G'all


nora p said...

Ahhh! Gwendoline is so cute, love the curls!!!

Anne said...

First I have to say that I LOVE YOUR PAGE :)
Your kids are so cute- and getting so big! I really have to see them next time I come out there!!
Glad you found your camera again, I wish mine took video with sound too :(
And if you like the sun so much, move here!! HAHA (actually I wouldnt wish that on anyone!) but there IS LOTS of sunshine!!