Jul 31, 2008

Spotlight on Duncan...

I have decided that I will spotlight a child a week until I have this next one. My children have been especially difficult lately(probably due to the upcoming changes in our family). This is a way for you all to get to know them a little better but especially for me to pay special attention to all the fun little details about them. Here we go!!
Name: Duncan Patrick Smith

Birth date: June 29, 2004 Weight at birth: 7lbs. 8oz. Height at birth:18 1/2in.

Age: 4 Hair Color: Red Eye color: Blue Favorite color: Green
Favorite Animal: Zebra

Favorite Food: Broccoli(especially with hollandaise), Turkey sandwiches, pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, Pastrami and swiss sandwiches, Chinese food

Favorite Drink(s): water and juice Favorite Candy: Starbursts, Dum Dums, & Swedish fish

Favorite Toys: Mega Bloks, Fish with fishing pole, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Bubbles, Animals, and Dinosaurs

Favorite Activities: Playing outside with his friends, Watching movies and eating popcorn, Coloring/Drawing, Reading books, Riding his bike, Eating, Washing dishes with Mommy(or so he says, haha)
Favorite Books: Monsters Inc. and Pirates Don't Change Diapers

Favorite Things to Snuggle: Blanket(that mommy sewed by hand), Baby, Zebra

Favorite Shows: Go Diego Go, Little Einsteins, Wow Wow Wubzy, The Simpsons
Favorite Movies: Monsters Inc., Monster House, the Shrek movies

Fears: Spiders and High mountains

Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas, Halloween, Easter

(yes, another toilet picture, but he is so good at posing!)

He is good at: The Wii in general. He beats us at everything. I know, these talents will go a long way in life. Helping with the kids and the house. He is very responsible and makes sure no one is doing something they shouldn't. He is good at dental hygiene. He always tells people he loves them. He is good at kisses(he even kissed his neighborhood girlfriend!). He adores his little sister and is very good at taking care of her. He is a fantastic sandwich maker. He is very good at singing and is an accomplished song writer. His most famous song is: "If You Can Try and Do It." The lyrics are: If you can try and do it. If you can try and do it, what I say. I hope that you can do it. I hope that you can do it, by yourself!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Thank you for this beautiful spotlight of Duncan...seeing him through your eyes only makes it seem like we have been living it right there with you. *snif* it seems like only yesterday. *snif*

Jennie said...

Cute spotlight idea to focus on your chillins in preparation for another.

Anonymous said...

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