Sep 14, 2010

34 week checkup

I went to the Dr. yesterday and got in and out of there amazingly fast. I have had a stomach bug for about a week now and the results were that I have lost another 4lbs. I have been so worried about what this could be doing to my baby, so I asked the wise Dr. for her thoughts. She told me at this point the weight loss is affecting me more than anyone. She said that at this point in the pregnancy it has little to no affect on the baby. What a relief!!! Now I can stop stressing and worrying so much about it. I am sure I have been driving Mark nuts with it, haha.
An update on my fall: A little while back I talked to my Dr. about it. I told her what I did and the pain I was feeling. She told me that I tore the ligaments that support my uterus. Lovely!! Something like this was bound to happen with this pregnancy, haha. I was actually glad to know what I had done. She told me it would gradually get more painful as I get closer to delivery. Which it has, haha. But, she said that it would not cause me extra pain during labor and delivery. The greatest pain I will feel will be the 6-8 weeks after when it finally has a chance to heal. I can deal with this. I have torn the cartilage in my pubic bone with Gwendolyn, so what's a couple of torn ligaments? Haha.
I scheduled all my last appointments. They seem to be coming so quickly. I am excited and anxious to meet my baby.


Nate and Lori said...

that does not sound fun! I hope it heals quickly for you! And I'm serious about taking pics of your new baby! and all the rest of you for that matter!

Heather said...

You have such a great attitude for all the drama with your pregnancies! I'm glad the weight loss thing is ok now...and I'm excited to meet this sweet baby too!