Jul 8, 2008

Mommy, I need more bubbles...

I love Liam dearly. I don't understand him and he makes me crazy, but I do love him. Today we did bubbles. Super fun for them. They have these cool bubble holders that when you tip them, will not spill the bubbles. I filled up their bubble holders, they go out to blow bubbles. Maybe ten minutes later Liam comes in to ask for more bubbles. Already? That's awfully fast to blow bubbles, plus, they are not easy to spill.
Liam: "Mommy, I need more bubbles."
Mommy: "What? Already? You probably still have more."
Duncan: "No, Mommy! He drinked them!"
Mommy: "He drank them?!"
Liam comes to me with his bubble holder. Sure enough, the dang kid "drinked" the bubbles. The holder was empty and Liam has bubbles on his mouth and down the front of his shirt. Hey, it's better than when he attempted to suck Lime Away out of the sprayer(which was closed) at 9 months old. Bubbles are non-toxic.


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

it works for me, maybe its the virus thing...?

PS the word verification for me was eptvw (early pregnancy test Valerie Witte) SCARY huh?

Anne said...

HAHA! So funny! Leave it to boys right?? Your right, it could have been so much worse....and all I can say is Im glad its not me :) LOVE YA!!