Jul 28, 2008

Thankful for the toilets...

Children are so observant. Many of us teach our children about Heavenly Father and about all he does for us. We keep it simple for their sake, as it is a lot for little ones to take in. We tell them how certain things are possible because Heavenly Father makes it possible and we should thank him for even the little things, like being able to play with your friends that day and having fun. We, as adults, sometimes take for granted the little things. For example: toilets. Heavenly Father didn't come and mold the toilet and hook it up for us, but he made it possible by blessing someone with the knowledge and ability to come up with something like that. So, it was really all his idea.
Yesterday, at church, I took Duncan to use the restroom. He is sitting there and says to me, "Heavenly Father made this toilet."

"Oh really?" I said.

"Yeah, he did. That's why I can use it."

He's right though. Heavenly Father did make it possible. That's why we can use toilets. And, by golly, I am thankful for toilets!! I don't like cleaning them, but I sure have to use them a lot. Sometimes 3 times a night. Thank you sweet child in my womb. Anyway, this just reminded me how we all need to take time and notice all the little things that our children are able to, and that we should be grateful even for the toilets.

I did not take this photo. This would be more of Liam's photography. Duncan seems cool with it. He has the pose down. I haven't quite come to fully understand Liam's "gift" yet. But I will embrace it and love him nonetheless. As long as he doesn't take pictures of me on the toilet.

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Jennie said...

It's like Liam and Duncan are mission companions playing tricks on each other. Was that God's Army?