Jul 29, 2008

The Story of the Three Little Pigs, as told by Duncan and Liam...

My boys decided last night that they would put on a performance of The Three Little Pigs for the night's entertainment. Sadly, I did not have my camera while there were doing this and decided to just enjoy myself. I did, however, take a few re-enactment photos of the cast members and their expressions just for this.

Pig 1(straw house) played by Duncan
Pig 2(stick house) played by Duncan
Pig 3(brick house) played by Duncan
Big Bad Wolf played by Liam
Straw house played by Oversized chair
Stick house played by Love seat
Brick house played by Couch

We begin our story with the first little pig having recently finished building his house of straw. The Big Bad Wolf approaches.

Big Bad Wolf: "Little pig, little pig! You let me come in!"
Pig 1: "Not at the hairs by the chinny chin chins!!"

Big Bad Wolf: "Then I huff and blow yours house!" (he proceeds to blow very hard).
Pig 1: "Aaaaaaah! My house!"

The first little pig runs off(in horror and fear) to his brother's house of sticks. The Wolf approaches the second little pig's house with his brother inside(oddly enough they have become one entity, one pig made of two).(The little girl in the house is merely a prop. She is a chair in the house.)

Big Bad Wolf: "A pig! You let me come in!"
Pigs 1&2: "Not at the hairs by the chinny chin chins!"
Big Bad Wolf: "Then I huff and puff and blow yours house!!"(he blows especially hard this time, since these are sticks and all).
Pigs 1&2: "No!! Not my house! Aaaaah!"

Big Bad Wolf: "Ha ha ha! I got yours house pig!"

The two pigs run off together to their brother's house. There they combine their three bodies and miraculously become one pig entity. It is a space saver, since it's harder to fit three pigs into one house. The Big Bad Wolf approaches the third little pig's house of bricks.

Big Bad Wolf: "Pigs! You let me come in! Now!"
Pigs 1, 2&3: "Not at the hairs by the chinny chin chins!"
Big Bad Wolf: "Then I will huff and blow yours house! Okay?!"(the wolf blows even harder than the last time).
Big Bad Wolf: "Ha ha ha! I blow yours house!"
Pigs 1,2&3: "No you didn't, Liam! You can't blow a brick house! It's too hard!"
Big Bad Wolf: "Oh man! I can't do it!"( walks away hanging his head in shame, for he has failed and is overwhelmed by the pains of defeat).

Pigs 1,2&3: "Ha ha! You didn't blow our house!"(the pigs, in one entity, rejoice at their new found victory).

The End

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Benson Fam said...

SOOOO cute! I wish Carter had a brother (although we love our Ellie) and that our kiddos were closer together (we tried!!). And that we lived closer, Carter would get a kick out of playing with your dudes and our babies will be close in age!