Dec 15, 2009

Remembering: Duncan's 5th Birthday

These posts are now going to be "The Remembering Series."  Back in the day, June 29th to be exact, Duncan turned 5.  It was a hot sunny summer day.  We decided to have a pool party.  We invited a few of the neighbors, but no one was home.  We are our own party anyway, so it was just fine.

The water is cloudy because Gwendolyn decided to eat a banana pudding popsicle in the pool.  Looks lovely, doesn't it?

Dang, it looks like I gave Duncan narcotics for his birthday.

Hmm, what is she drinking that she thinks is so tasty?

Oh, I see...

Rozzy doing some after pool party chillin' on my bed.

Rozzy's cool with being the "fat sister."

I love her chubby face!!

Those cheeks!

Duncan got a Cars chair for his b-day.  Rozzy had to test it out.

She started doing that PBS workout show called, "Sit and Be Fit."

As you can see, it is a lot of hard work.

What a messy house this was!  I mean, present time!!

It was a "Spiderman" party.


Gwenie needed to show off her baby doll that she got from my mom.

I never thought I would see the day when my baby would have a baby!!  At least she can speak well since she is now a new mother.

Seriously, I got this for like $10 on clearance back in January.  Thank you bad economy.

Duncan's first Spiderman action figure.  Awwwww!

Duncan is pleased with his gifts, Mark is pleased with a grateful boy.

Aaaahhh!!  My messy couch.  We started packing at this point and it was taking away our living room space.  Birthday cake time!!

Dang!  This makes me want cake!

I can't believe that you are this big already.  It seems like you were just my first little baby with your baby eagle cry and huge bald head.  You have always been such a charmer and have always been good at making friends where ever you go.  You have always been such a chatter box, I can hardly remember you before you could talk.  You are smart, intelligent, helpful and kind.  You welcome all new siblings to the family with open arms and are so good and looking out for them.  You are so excited to grow up and be a big boy and I am proud of all your accomplishments.  Happy Birthday Duncan!!

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Ashley said...

Cute cute cute party and kids!! I loved looking at all the pictures...does that make me a stalker? That cake DOES look really good. I want me some cake!

from your neighbor Ashley