Dec 22, 2009

Remembering: Duncan's First Day of School

Once upon a time, in August, Duncan had his first day of kindergarten.  He was very excited.  He got up and got his clothes ready.  Then I told him, "Don't get dressed yet, I need to give you a bath."  Then Duncan said, "Well, maybe could I just take a shower by myself?"  I said, "Sure why not?  You already know how you wash yourself."  Duncan, "Okaaaay!  But, I need you to turn it on for me!"  He was so excited and acted like he was so grown up, telling me I can just put his towel on the toilet and such.
Mark was able to have half of the day off of work so that we could all take Duncan.

He was so excited and cute about the whole thing.  I got a little choked up as we left, until Liam had to use the bathroom.  He went in the little boys' restroom and used one of the urinals.  Mark went in to check on him and had me go look.  Liam was using on the the urinals with his shorts around his ankles and his little bum hanging out.  It was so hilarious!!  I have no pictures of that, but it was truly a "moment."

A picture of the clan.

After we dropped off Duncan, we went home and had lunch.  Then we went to check out the progress on the house.  Gwenie and I hung out in the car.  It was really hot out.  I do NOT miss that August heat.

She had cute hair that day, so I took a picture of it.

Then we went to the park by the school and chilled a bit until Duncan got out.

Gwenie had fun pushing Rozzy around the pavilion.

The End.

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Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Gwendolyn is an advertisement for Nair in this post...who has short shorts?