Dec 15, 2009

Remembering: June's Colorado Trip

I know I said that I would blog the same day that my last blog was posted, but apparently I was unaware of my husband's computer doings.  They were good, but they halted the progression of my blogging.  All things are back in order.  Here we go:
Back in June we had the opportunity to go to Colorado and visit family.   My dad had yet to start his cancer treatments, so it was good timing to spend time with him.  Most days we just hung out at my parents', which was actually quite relaxing.

The influence of my younger brothers at work here.

This is Duncan, in case you were wondering.  My brothers taught his about Star Wars and everything.  There is no turning back!!

Gwendolyn snuggling with Mark at my parents' house.

Rosaline, in her usual state, gaping mouth.  Even cameras could be considered edible to this girl.

Gwenie at my parents' house, probably being flirtatious with one of my brothers.  She was love struck by JM, Christian and Stefan.

She's just cute.

We went to Heather's(my sister in law) parents' house to celebrate Byrce's 1st birthday.  Gwendolyn always enjoys sweets.  I think Liam may be doing a bit of bum scratching there.  Hmmm.

Heather and my mom serving up cake and ice cream.  Thinking back, the polite thing would have been for me to help out with this instead of taking pictures of it...

Rosaline rolling around on the blanket.  That is all she knew how to do at that point.

My dad(before stem cell transplant), Heather's dad, Papa, and Rosaline still looking at me like I am cruel for abandoning her.

Heather's mom holding Bryce, my mom eating cake, and Caleb.

Gwendolyn couldn't leave it at just cupcakes.  She had to add graham crackers to her menu of the day.

Seeing her trim figure, I contemplated her diet.

Rozz-E-Pozz chillin' with Mark E. Mark.

The beautiful house that is the Heather's parents'.

Mark never has the energy for these trips.  It is certainly nice that we can crash in the lazy afternoons at my mom's.

It's hard to see, but Papa went and pushed Gwendolyn on the swing.  It was so very cute!!

Rozzy actually let someone other than me hold her!!  She is so unlike my other kids in that way.

She smiled at me instead of getting the "Mom! Take me back!" face.

We went to Estes Park with a bunch of the family on my birthday. This is the only picture I got.  I attempted to photograph the scenery, but it didn't work.  Then I left my camera int he car when we were actually there.  That is how lame I am.   My Aunt Krsten and cousin Samantha came the same week so they were able to come with us.  I share my birthday with my aunt and 10 years ago that day we spent our birthdays together in Pennsylvania.  She is so much fun!!  I miss her a lot!!

We all went to dinner together on our last day there.  I tried to take a picture of the whole group, but I failed miserably.

Samantha being so sweet to her mother(Krsten, my dad's sister).  I am glad I got a picture of them at least.  Haha.

The "Smith" end of the table.  I let Mark babysit while I chatted with my fam.  I know, I am a mean wife.

Gwendolyn tasting Mark's drink of choice, Pepsi.

Duncan, looking, um, weird.

Dad and Papa deep in conversation.  Dylan is in the background.

Jon-Michael and Dylan.

Holly and Heather.  Isn't Heather's hair so shiny and pretty?

Dad and Papa.  Papa is from the generation of "those who do not smile in pictures" and I think my dad was trying to make him look more normal.

This is called a "teenage boy" picture.  Such lovely expressions, no?
My mom and I hated this picture, but my camera died.  I am posting this to show you all that I too am a victim of bad photography.  You will rarely see pictures of me because of this fact.
We had a wonderful trip and I enjoyed spending so much time with my family.  I have missed them a lot and still miss them all the time.


Heather said...

Danielle, you totally crack me up! My and Jon-Michael's favorite caption is of Dad and Papa not smiling...hilarious! Although I do appreciate you pointing out my good hair day! ;)

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