Jan 22, 2010

Long Beautiful Hair

The girls' hair was getting a bit long.  Not too long to do anything with, but the opposite problem.  I was having to do something with their hair all the time so that it wouldn't look messy.  I gave them a bath one night and decided to do the big chop!!!  But first, let us enjoy what they once had.

I promise the haircut idea didn't make this face.

Rozzy's hair before the big CHOP!

Rozzy, it will all be okay, I promise!!

Are you ready, Gwenie?

You look ready to me!

(Not pictured: Duncan.  Because he was lame and changed out of his church clothes too soon and said that pictures were boring)
I love cutting hair!!  Now I have live-in female clients!!


Ashley said...

Oh come on. Where is the REAL haircut (the really good toy story one) on Rozzy? I need PICTURES.

Smithclan said...

You did a great job!! Wow, Rozzy especially looks sooooo cute with short hair! Love the last picture with brother and sister looking at each other. Saaaasweeet!

Rachel said...

They look cute good job.

Ryan and Chrystal said...

They look darling. I wish I could cut hair. Taking care of girls hair can be a big hassle. Especially when it gets long.

Anne said...

Aww they look great! Fantastic hair cuts :) And I might be momentarily jealous of the girls you have- if only I had some like that to play dress up with!! haha