Jan 11, 2010

Remembering: The Chaotic Time of Packing With Cute Kids

I don't want to remember many parts about this time.  It was so stressful and overwhelming.  There seemed to be an endless amount of work and very little time to accomplish it.  These pictures are from the last couple weeks before we moved.  We had to keep going back to clean that stupid place.  Then our landlord had the power shut off before the end of the month, so Mark had to clean in the dark and plug into one of the neighbors to use the vacuum.  Our landlord got the place rented the very next month, but now claims we owe him for November(we saw people living there when we drove by).  He also claims, even though the place has never ever been painted, that to repaint the living room(we painted it because it was looking dirty with the plaster showing through because the initial paint job was so poorly done)it will cost $425.  I am so sure!  I will buy the paint and do it myself.  Then he said that we owe him $450 for the advertising that he had to do to get the place rented out.  Now, he didn't do any except putting a "for rent" sign out front the week before we moved.  We sent him a letter over 2 months before we moved telling him that we were moving and wanted out of our lease.  He never read the letter!  Mark called him several times and left messages.  Then 2 weeks before the move he asks Mark what he wants.  He doesn't read his mail and has his brother open it for him, so he was clueless.  Mark told him and he was such a jerk about the whole thing, saying, "these are tough times."  Hello!  The guy owns a business and several properties and he's talking to us about tough times when we are just a little family just trying to get a place with more space?  Pah-leeez!  Anywho, we still don't know what to do about that whole situation.  We are quite powerless. Here are some happy times during all this with beautiful children!!

I love this picture!  Rozzy is so dang chubby, I can't get over it!!  Her onesie and pants are outrageously tight!

Kisses with Daddy!!

Stoned Gwenie.  Watching a movie.  Don't you love all the boxes?!

Gee, what movie could this be?

Movie night with Rice Krispie treats!

One of my most favorite Rozzy smiles captured on camera!

See you in the new house!!


briansmithprovo said...

Call his bluff. If he's so lazy he won't even open his email the place the burden of proof on him. It'll never happen.
Who's to say the new people in your place didn't paint it? Does it say in the lease/contract you'll be charged for repainting or for a full months rent if you're not occupying space. Or for advertising?
Sheister landlords like this guy need to have their bums kicked every now and then!

The Halls said...

It's SO nice getting out of the renting world when dealing like landlords like that! I would recommend looking over your lease agreement to see if there are any things that he could base from that that you guys were supposedly responsible for, such as his cost for advertising. Because if that's not in the lease, and you gave adequate notice, NOT YOUR PROBLEM! I'm sure the paint estimate is to hire a crew to do it (ridiculous)... and shouldn't such things have come out of your security deposit? Even so, he probably didn't hold on to it and doesn't want to come up with the money.

You can let him know that you have a copy of the letter, you knew in advance when you were going to obtain your new house so it's obvious that it was unlikely a spur of the moment purchase for you guys; if the advertising isn't in the lease then he can stuff it, and if the current renters moved in in Nov there's got to be a lease saying so, so FORGET rent for Nov; and you've taken enough pictures you can show that the living room paint looked good before you left.

I totally agree with the last post, the burden of proof is on him. You've likely got proof otherwise and if he wants to screw you (sorry for the language) out of money he can do it through small claims court. What a bum!!

(Sorry, I get angry by people who try to take advantage of people!)

Hannah S said...

Talk w/my father-in-law. He owns several rentals and would know how to handle a situation like that, legally and all.
Ya, moving is no fun. This is your first time with kids! Whoa! That's sort of lucky. Can't wait to see pics of the new insides.