Jan 21, 2010

Remembering: The Halloween That Almost Didn't Happen

Ah yes.  Halloween '09.  I remember it well.  This was a very hectic time.  Mark was working a lot on the yard.  He was trying to get it all in before the weather really changed.  I was inside all the time, dealing with the kids, trying to get unpacked and pull the house together.  I was a bit overwhelmed.  That is the proper feeling for when you are packing, moving and unpacking.  It's so easy to feel that way.  So, Halloween is here.  I was doing stuff all day long.  I wanted to be outside that day, so I spent my day shoveling lots of bark and rock with Mark and friends. Then I was kind of like, "Oh crap, I need to wash Rozzy's costume and get the other costumes out."  At about 5:30pm I remembered to do this.  Then I put it in the dryer, that wasn't going fast enough, so I pulled out my hair dryer and did it that way.  Then the kids were coming and asking me where their costumes were.  I found Duncan's and Gwenie's, but I couldn't find Liam's.  I was looking everywhere.  I was looking in all the boxes in the garage and couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally, at 7pm, yes, that late, I found it.  Then he wouldn't get it on and Gwenie didn't want her shoes on and I realized that I had not fed them dinner at all.  We finally got out the door.

Gwenie started off so happy and lively.  Last year's Halloween consisted of her throwing repeated tantrums down the street and me trying to hold her and pick her up.

The first house was our next door neighbor's house.  They loaded my kids up nicely.  Dinner was served!!

Come on Gwenie!  Hurry!  Let's go to the next house!

Not only does Rozz do Halloween this way, she does just about everything this way.

Gwenie was adorable, but incredibly slow.  She didn't want to hold my hand.  She didn't want anyone to hold her.  Then she started walking all funny.  I thought she was poopie, but she wasn't.

The whole fam damnly! Minus me, the beautiful hidden photographer.

This is why she was slow and walking funny.  Poor girl.

Rozzy was asleep.  Then awake.

Then asleep.

Then awake.  This all happened on the porch, mind you.

Cute crashed Gwenie.

Okay, go back to sleep now, grouchy ladybug.

That's right.  Sleeeeeep.

Whatever!  Nevermind!  What's your dang problem?!


Oh, that, candy.
Yes, Liam does need a haircut.
We ended losing our crabbiness and had a nice Halloween after all.


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

That halloween costume is jiinxed! 2 grouchy ladybugs in 2 years...time to donate it!

PS the password is tylenog

Ashley said...

THAT'S MY HOUSE! I'm FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!