Nov 20, 2010

Aren't they just so pretty?

I know I am a bit biased here, but I think I have been blessed with beautiful(mischievous and naughty) daughters.
I can't believe how much my little Rozzy has grown.
I can't believe how long her hair has gotten. She still has the shorter hunks from that oh so fateful day of Gwenie and scissors, but I part it on the opposite side and it stays hidden well. It's also long enough for me to pull back the shorter chunks when I do her hair.
So pretty!!
Rozzy was totally ready for bed in these ones, but I still think both girls look pretty.
I can't believe how much Gwenie's hair has grown since January. I cut it to just at the nape of her neck back then. She says she wants her hair to be down to her bum like Sleeping Beauty's. I know I wish my hair would grow like her's has, so I will allow this, haha. Mine hasn't been cut since January, but it won't grow anymore. The cut must have stunted the hair growth and now I am sad about it.
Sorry if you're bored, but I don't care!! Haha!!

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Jennie said...

They are so pretty. I just can NOT believe how much they have grown. Maybe it is the shock that Gwenie was born when I got married and I still haven't met Rozzy. That needs to change, cause they are cute.