Nov 21, 2010

First Smiles

One of my favorite things about newborns is the first smile. Aly has been smiling since about three weeks old. Seems really early, right? That's what I thought. I thought it had to be a coincidence, as all my other children didn't smile until about 6 weeks. Well, I got him to smile 11 times in one day, so I accepted that he just smiled early. I just thought I would share pictures of all the kids' first smiles. I think you all should do the same. I think first smiles are the most genuine and love filled smiles you could ever get!!
Duncan always had a calm and peaceful type of smile.
Liam always smile open-mouthed and often very intense. This is very much how Liam is as a person. An adorable, intense, and happy boy.

As you can tell, Gwendolyn smiled more often and more easily than any of my children. She was such a happy baby and rarely cried. She is still a very smiley and giggly little girl.

Rosaline was our latest smiler. It was rare that we caught pictures of it, but it was well worth the wait.
Last, but not least, Alastair. Our earliest smiler. I rarely catch his smiles on camera also. He is the first baby that I got to smile before Mark. All of my other children have smiled for Mark before they have ever smiled for me. Most of Alastair's smiles are saved for the angels. I like to this that my dad is the one making him smile. My dad always loved babies. Right after I gave birth to Alastair I could feel my dad's presence so strongly. It was the first time I have felt him since he died. So, I like to think that my dad is the angel entertaining my baby multiple times throughout the day.


Julie said...

that is a sweet story. Such a cute baby boy!!!

Dylan, Holly, and Aspen said...

I like to think that too, especially when they are looking at absolutely nothing but have the biggest smile on their face and even let out a little chuckle. So cute. Lucy smiled pretty early too I thought. I got it on camera by Dylan's birthday. Aspen's was a little after a month. I hope everyone is doing good. Love you guys and miss you. Maybe we will see you for the holidays?