Nov 16, 2010

Never thought I would experience this...again!

Only one week after my kidney stone, I was so thankful to be over the whole thing. My ward members were kind enough to bring meals to help me and my family out, earlier in the week. Things were going well.
It was Sunday morning and we were going to church for the first time since I had the baby. I got up with a little back pain, but no worries, it wasn't terrible. I ate breakfast and continued to rub my back periodically to help it feel better.
Mark noticed how I was acting and asked me about my symptoms: "Is the pain in one spot and doesn't seem to change or let up if you changes positions?" He was worried it was another kidney stone. Ha, good one. Last Sunday I joked in my head, "Watch, I have a kidney stone, hahaha." This Sunday I joked, "Watch, I have another kidney stone, hahahaha! Right." I continued to get ready for church.
As I was getting ready, the pain got progressively worse. I thought to myself, "If I go to church the Lord will bless me and my pain will go away and this won't be a kidney stone." Well, sometimes the Lord blesses us in different ways.
As I sat through church my pain started to get, well, quite uncomfortable. Mark kept asking me if I wanted to leave or if I wanted a blessing. I felt so awkward. How embarrassing! I really didn't want anyone to know about this. This was my private(obviously in pain) situation that no one would know about.
Well, I didn't think it would get to that point, but it did. I was ready to leave our combined Relief Society/Priesthood lesson. Mark asked me if he should get some guys to give me a blessing. My response was, "If you want to. I won't say no."
He escorted me to an empty classroom then returned with a couple of guys from our ward. They gave me a blessing and offered me free babysitting and escorted me to our car. The bishop's wife had our baby and brought him to the car. She said she would come by later with dinner and vitamin C tablets to break up my kidney stone.
Mark was ready to take me to the emergency room, but after last week, I was a bit reluctant. I changed into something much more comfortable and laid on a heating pad on my bed. I took some pain reliever and vitamin C tablets and laid with the pain until I fell asleep. When I awoke my pain was gone. A beautiful thing I think. The next few days ward members brought our family dinner to make things easier on us.
Our new ward is wonderful! They will do anything to help without even being asked. So many people offered their help to us. I felt so grateful and blessed. Thank you to everyone who helped us!!
This last Sunday I was blessed to be kidney stone free!! I was worried with how my luck had gone, but I had good luck this time.

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Marie said...

glad you're rid of the kidney stones. they sound terrible! just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the blog traffic you send my way! hehe, i found this little section on the dashboard called "stats" and it tells me where all the people hat view my blog come from. like what country they are in, and what site directed them to mine. you get 1st place for the most people that check out my blog because they read yours! thanks, danielle. oh, and we aren't sure what we're doing for thanksgiving... we're sticking around in utah is pretty much all we know. hopefully eating turkey...