Nov 20, 2010

This is Halloween!

This year's Halloween was ever so slightly less hectic than last year's. We knew where all the costumes were, everyone was ready on time. The only problem was that we had a terrible storm right during prime trick-or-treat time. It did leave us with a bit of this though:
It left us with some bitter cold that we were not quite yet accustomed to this fall. I wanted to go with everyone, even though I had recently had the wee one. It felt great while we were going along, just not afterward. I had serious ligament pains after, but it was well worth it!! I love my kids!
Attempt at cute Halloween picture #1
Attempt #2
There we go!


Marie said...

"double rainbow! what does it mean?!"
check youtube for the double rainbow video if you don't get it. it's very funny.

overacker said...

Super cuties!!!

Jon-Michael said...

Danielle, how is it humanly possible you post a picture of a double rainbow and not make any reference to the funniest youtube video of the past year?

That Double Rainbow was so intense, you couldn't even fit it into your camera.