Apr 10, 2009

Help Me To Understand...

Duncan had his baby genders. Then the other day Liam came to me so very proud of this:
Does Mrs. Potato Head have issues with facial hair? Is Mr. Potato Head keeping something from his wife? Or is it something I'd rather not delve into at this point, like Mr. Potato Head isn't quite a Mr. Potato Head anymore? I'll let you be the judge. Oh, I have learned that Duncan helped.

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Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Maybe you need to have a FHE Lesson titled "We are all alike, we are all different" and explain that is is okay to be different. Maybe you can also talk about how it is not nice to point out the flaws in others, such as unibrows in certain family members, italian womenstaches and of course, my favorite hairy moles! Hahaha. LOVE IT!