Apr 17, 2009

Right Up There With Giving Birth and Getting Married...

TravisI have loved this band since I heard them on a BBC show called, "Top of the Pops." I looked for their albums everywhere and it took me about two years before I finally found one at Media Play, The Man Who. I had just been dumped. I was sad and depressed. Now, I normally don't get emotionally attached to bands I like, but this one was different. I really got attached. This was the transition from Logan to Mark. If you read this Logan, I mean no offense, but there was a song that I dedicated to him called, "Driftwood." The love/obsession for this band just continued from then on.

Travis is not as famous as Coldplay or Snow Patrol, but it has been said that they paved the way for those bands and ones like them. They have amazing lyrics to their songs and Francis Healy(the lead singer) writes nearly all of them. His song writing abilities have been compared to Paul McCartney. In other words, really good lyrics!!

I was driving to an appointment a few weeks ago and the radio was on. I rarely listen to the radio, but I hate silence and I was all alone. They announced that the Scottish indie rock band was coming to Utah on April 14. I totally screamed really loud in the car. I never thought that they would ever come anywhere near where I lived. I went home later and pressed the immense importance of going to this concert, regardless of the price. Luckily they weren't expensive tickets by any means.

They performed at a private club. It was actually a really nice smoke-free place. It was small, so it was easy to see them. My pictures make it look like I was farther away, but I wasn't. My eyes can apparently see closer than my camera can zoom. Lame!

All I can say about this picture is, should have brought my wheelchair!! As soon as they came out I screamed like a teeny bopper at an NSYNC concert. I was so excited! You really have no idea how excited I was. There really is no way to quite explain it.Fran Healy(the one in the hat) got out in the audience and sang a song and even danced with someone while he sang it. I am lame and getting older(mother of four and all), so I didn't stand in the very front. I missed out on the best dance of my life!! Sorry Mark.

They were really down to earth, funny and entertaining. Britney Spears was performing across the street at that time. Fran Healy said, "I know you guys are only here because you couldn't get into Britney!" Then he decided to do his own rendition of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." It actually made me like the song! Haha!!
They were fun and slightly crazy at times. It was all very entertaining. I loved every minute of it!

At the end they turned off and unplugged everything and got all of us really quiet and sang one of my favorite songs(I videoed this) called, "Flowers in the Window." A fantastic finish to a fantastic night! I will definitely go the next time they come. I took some videos and lots of pictures. I wish I could replay it in my mind in perfect detail!

You can check them out on their website: http://www.travisonline.com/ . They also have a myspace page and lots of videos on http://www.youtube.com/ . You can even watch him do "Hit Me Baby, One More Time."

PS-A fabulous band called The Republic Tigers opened for them. They were really good as well, so you should check them out too!!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I know that the reason you have no comments is because the other people who read this were jealous that you have something that tops childbirth and your wedding day!

That is all I have to say on this matter...

ANGELA said...

I haven't been on blogs for awhile. I love all the birthday/Easter/day-off pics. Your kids are cuties!