Apr 14, 2009

Weird that this post should have Easter in the title...

Easter started out lovely, had a rough middle, but finished off wonderfully. I prepared all of the food ahead of time. I made my cake, prepped my ham and potatoes all before we got ready for church. While I was doing that, my kids were getting along, but trashing the house. I couldn't find Gwendolyn's sweater anywhere. My house is clean and I have yet to find that stupid, stupid sweater! We invited Geoff and Jessie over for dinner. They brought salad and I handled the rest of the food. I had been gradually buying the Easter candy whenever I would do my two-week shopping and when I came home I would put what I bought in different places each time. I didn't know how much I had bought until I thought that I should round it all up. Well, it was a ton. Duncan couldn't even lift the bag because it was so heavy. Needless to say, I put together some Easter candy bags for Geoff and Jessie to take home. I didn't have to explain anything to the kids because they don't believe in the Easter Bunny. I was never taught to believe in him. Frankly, I think it would be creepy and scary if some giant rabbit broke into my house to give candy(who knows how safe and/or sanitary) to my children. The lovely table settings.

Geoff and Jessie's personal, child free table.

My very first ham. Yay me!

Funeral Potatoes(cheesy potatoes)

Tasty and pretty lemon cake.

After the hunt.

Rozzy and Geoff.

Liam's haul.

Duncan's load.

Gwenie's stash.

After our little Easter egg hunt in the backyard I decided to take some pictures of the kids. Well, I got some good pictures. We may have to try again next Sunday.



Gwendolyn(the best I got of her, 2yr.-olds don't hold still)

Rosaline(actually not sucking both her lips in in this picture.)

Brothers! 1

Brothers 2

Sisters 1(see what I mean with the lips)

Sisters 2

The kids 1

The kids 2

The kids 3

It was really hard to get them all to look at me, smile and sit still.

All in all is was a good day and turned out really well in the end. We enjoyed Geoff and Jessie's company as usual and Rozzy got all tuckered out.

Geoff changed her and put a size 5 on her. I love how it's down to her knees!!

PS-I will be posting my recipes on mine and Val's recipe blog pretty soon.


The Halls said...

Your kids look positively adorable! What a handsome and beautiful bunch!!

Ryan and Chrystal said...

Wow you are becoming a domestic diva. My idea of place settings is just getting the plates on the table. HA!

Hannah S said...

All your kids are growing up so fast.