Apr 15, 2009

My Day Off!...

On Monday Mark got off of work early, took the boys, picked up his son Burton and went fishing. I was left with the two girls for about 7 hours. No boys! Mark took the camera with him to get pictures, so I didn't get any pictures of me sitting on my butt watching Hotel Inspector on BBC America, Gwenie shoveling her face full of candy, and Rozzy sleeping probably 3 1/2 hours out of the 7. Oh, and I didn't even get a picture of the fire right across the street! I think someone was trying to do a controlled fire in the field behind the contruction across the street. It seemed like the fire was spreading too close to the streets and construction. Then suddenly I heard sirens and saw firetrucks putting out the fire. It was very exciting. Gwenie and I had egg salad sandwiches. Also known as Eggies. We said goodbye to a couple of our dyed eggs. Gwenie kissed them farewell. I put her down for a nap after some candy time. Then Rozzy fell asleep on my bed and I took a shower. I got out and it was so quiet! It was very quiet without the boys anyway, since they are the main noise makers in the house. But there was no one to bother me or prevent me from getting stuff done. I got so much done in about an hour and a half. The boys later came home and we had leftovers for dinner. It was all so fabulous. A dream come true!! Here are the pictures from the boys' trip.


Ryan and Chrystal said...

You totally need a break once in awhile. I read something on Dr. Laura's blog and totally thought of you. Go here to read it!


Have a good day!

Hannah S said...

Way to have some time to "yourself". I can't believe Burton is that old.