Apr 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Gwendolyn!!..

You are two years old already! This time has gone by so quickly."> (newborn Gwenie)
"> (newborn Gwenie)

It seems like only yesterday you were crawling, oh wait, it was! Well, almost. You have been my...laziest child. I would get emails about what stage you were at and what to expect. One email I received said that I need to vacuum and pick up even more because you would be crawling all over putting random things in your mouth. I only had to vacuum a small circle that you were sitting in the middle of. You turned a year old and didn't walk, you couldn't even crawl. Everyone told me it was because your brothers probably got you everything you wanted so you never had to learn how. I knew better. I'd watch you sit there and try and reach for something. You would try for a little bit, then would contently give up and entertain yourself with something else. I would lay you on your belly and you would flop like a fish. We would do little exercises to get you to crawl, but to no avail. You were content with your laziness. At around 14 months you finally started crawling. Then at about 18 months you learned to walk! After your sister was born, of course. I know you did that so that I would have to carry 2 children into church on the Sundays when Daddy worked. You have been obsessed with bouncing your back against couches.(22 mos.)
You even do it asleep. Your favorite show is still Dora, and it was probably your first word. You learned star in Spanish before you learned it in English. You are wonderful at playing the victim, hitting your brothers then showing me how you hurt your hand from it, wanting sympathy. You are addicted to yogurt and applesauce and think they double as hair gel. You love when you are sprayed in the face and you are obsessed with water.
(14 mos.)

You think the story of the 5 Little Monkeys is a traumatic story about monkeys who get "owies" on their heads for jumping on the bed. And use words like, "Oh no! Sad? No no jump bed! Cry?" as you look at the pictures in absolute horror. You are absolutely appauled that, at the end of the book, the mother would go and jump on the bed, even after the doctor's orders. You love wearing shoes, no matter how ugly, big, or masculine; never ceasing to dump and spread them throughout the entire house. You laid claim to 12 woobies(receiving blankets) and insist on sleeping with as many as you can find. You have never needed a pacifier because your lucious lips always sufficed.
(12 mos.)

You throw more tantrums than I can count in a day.
(21 mos.)

You dump everything in site. You have attempted to OD on baby aspirin. You think any stick-like thing is lip gloss or chapstick(including super glue). Your favorite state of being is that of nakedness. You kick and scream everytime I try to dress you. You make me crazy at times, but you are my little girl.
(13 mos.)

(9 mos.)

You are my first girl. You are the one I have waited my entire life for! You are one of the sweetest daughters anyone could ever have. You favorite phrases are "Happy day!" and "Happy girl!" You love pretty things. You snuggle with me like no other child I have had.
(4 or 5 mos.)

(16 mos.)

You have always brought such happiness to me without even trying. You adore your brothers and you are a wonderful big sister. (4 or 5 mos.)

(16 mos.)

(17 mos.)

(23 mos.)


You love wearing mounds of jewelry(pretties) on your neck and arms. You are loved by everyone who knows you. You wipe my tears and call me pretty when I am sad. I love you with all my heart and wouldn't change a single thing about you! Happy Birthday Gwenie!
These following pictures are in no particular order. Geoff and Jessie came to join the birthday festivities. ; We had chinese for dinner, Liam busted his cheek open(more on that in the next post). Gwenie was cheerful after having a good long nap. She opened her presents, loved them, picked at her cake and went to bed. Oh, and you will also see that I have cut her hair. It was said to cut it, but I think she looks adorable!!


Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Wow her hair is so cute! Good job! I like that you didn't post pictures in the correct order. It is nice to go back and forth in her life! :) I like that our girls reached all the same milestones at the same time eventhough they are 8 months apart! :P Yea to an awesome birthday post!

Rachel said...

How cute :) Have a great week.

MJ said...

She is a little Danielle!! She's so cute, I love her hair!

Dylan, Holly, and Aspen said...

She's getting so big. Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us. I will try to send out her present soon.

Hannah S said...

oh, cute! She'll love this when she is older. Well written. She is a cutie.

Megan G said...

What a cutie! This was an awesome post.